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runtastic GPS watch and other runtastic hardware products available now

We are glad to officially launch the brand-new products of runtastic. Beside our apps the runtastic portfolio now includes a GPS watch with heart rate integration, runtastic receiver & chest strap for also including your heart rate into our apps and the runtastic sports armband which enables you to carry your smartphone with you easily.

Newcomer in the runtastic product portfolio:

1. runtastic GPS watch with heart rate integration







In case that you don’t like carrying your smartphone with on those long runs or during endurance sports? The runtastic GPS watch is a great option and with lots of additional benefits. Our GPS watch records all important data including pace, distance, duration, elevation, calories, heart rate, and many more. With the “runtastic connect” software it is very easy to upload all sessions automatically to the runtastic fitness site when charging the device.

Function highlights of the watch are:

– Time and Distance

– Average, max. and actual speed/pace

– Average, max. and actual heart rate

– Training zones incl. training alarm

– Battery life with GPS mode up to 14 hours

– 5 training profiles (customize the display however you want it to be)

– Compass incl. navigation function

– Nightlight

– Analysis of activities at

– and many more…

2. runtastic Receiver & Chest strap






The runtastic receiver and chest strap is compatible with your iPhone, Android (Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson, …), BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 and will transform your phone into the ideal training partner. You can now record your heart rate with our runtastic PRO app and add this important metric to all the others that are already tracked with our app. After your training you can analyze your sessions which will now include the heart rate graph in order to improve your performance. Furthermore you can keep track of your development in your runtastic training log on

3. runtastic Sports Armband

With the runtastic Sports Armband you can easily carry your smartphone with you when you are out doing fitness activities. Wear it on the upper arm, which is a great placement for your smartphone. Now you will not be limited in your movement and your hands are free.

For more information on our products go to the products section on the runtastic fitness site. Furthermore you can get these products directly in the runtastic online store as well as in specialist retail stores in a lot of countries all over the world.

Enjoy testing our brand-new products and we look foward to hearing your feedback.


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  • FT


    I was given your GPS watch, but I have 2 issues with it :
    – First, my trainin sessions are downloaded to the previous user account, which is messy… Reseting the watch didn’t solve the issue, I guess it is configured in your servers and you might need to do a manual update of the device-account link ? Please advise !

    – second, you say in the manual that I should be able to upload waypoints into the watch since 2012 (i.e. 2+ years ago). I didn’t find any tutorial on that. This is the feature I was most looking forward to see !
    How can it be done ? Even if it is by posting a formated text file in a technical folder, I’m really interested !

    Hopping to hear from you soon,