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The Runtastic Orbit is Waterproof: Time To Get Swimming Laps

Runtastic Orbit – the new, 24-hour wearable from Runtastic – provides you with reliable, round-the-clock tracking to help you get a better sense of your daily movements, personal habits and untapped potential.

Runtastic Swimming

Yup, you heard right… Water is no longer the enemy since Runtastic Orbit is waterproof! Whether you’re going swimming or get caught in the rain, Orbit is your ideal tracking companion. And that’s not all. Not only is Runtasic Orbit waterproof (up to 100 meters or 300 feet) a sweet feature for your daily activities and fitness routine, it’s also incredible when it comes to easy cleaning. Gone are the days of a stinky wearable tech and trying to clean your wristband without getting the tracking device wet. Get Runtastic Orbit and enjoy non-stop tracking without having to stress about water – whether from the sky, a pool, your shower or the tap! You can always track your activity with the waterproof Runtastic Orbit.

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  • Matt

    Would be great to see this tracker count strokes while I’m swimming – then it’d be very high on my list!

  • Diane

    The waterproof feature is nice but it only tracked me for 6 minutes activity for a very intense hour water aerobics class, then I put on my ankle for the second hour and it tracked 23 minutes of activity and 500 calories burned, only problem is I need a larger strap for my ankle.

  • Marco

    when the Orbit integrates laps and strokes, I will definitely buy it

  • PAUL

    agreee with Matt, would buy it now if it would track strokes/laps whilst swimming. COME ON RUNTASTIC MAKE THIS A REALITY

  • Mirko

    What’s wrong? No activity registered… I started runtastic in swimming mode and orbit vibrated bit when finished no activity was registered.

    • Runtastic Team

      Hi Mirko, we are sorry to hear about the technical issue! Please use our support platform reachable via to contact our support team who will help you out as quickly as possible. Many greetings from the Runtastic headquarter!

  • Cristian

    I would definitely buy it if it counts swimming laps on a pool.

  • k

    does it count laps while swimming?
    sorry, but i did not find the answer…


    • Hi,

      It currently doesn’t count laps, but we’re always looking to make improvements!


      • Laurent

        Is the lap tracking will soon be available? I’m looking for a device that does this kind of tracking…

        • Hi Laurent,
          At the moment this is on our to-do list, but there are other features that have a higher priority. Thank you for your understanding!

  • ayhan

    Hi, can i swim in sea with runtastic orbit and count fathoms in sea ? can you do firmware update via phone (via bluetooth) ?

    • Hi,

      It’s waterproof but it doesn’t count swimming as an activity, stay tuned for news about this in the future though!


  • Trisha

    I am extremely disapointed to hear that my runtastic doesn’t track swimming. I assumed because it was waterproof it did. That is the reason I chose it. BUMMER!

    • Hi Trisha, you can record your swimming activity via a manual entry. However it is not possible to take your smartphone into the swimming pool with you as it is not waterproof and would get damaged.

      • Antonette Artiz

        How do I track swimming manually? It’s my major activity. The other is zumba. How do I track that with the Orbit?


        • Hi Antonette, you can go to your activity history in the app and add a session via the + sign (add workout). You will be able to choose your sport type as well as duration. The calories will be calculated automatically according to the input data. As for zumba, at the moment it is not possible to track this type of activity with the Orbit. The active calories will be tracked due to your movement, but the Orbit generally counts steps. Hope this helps! Have a nice weekend 🙂

  • Beth

    I know it’s waterproof, but does salt water effect it in anyway? Can I swim in the sea?

    • Runtastic Team

      Hey Beth, yes you can 😉