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Runtastic Rewards:
Earn Points & Win Amazing Prizes

You may have noticed that we recently rolled out an amazing new rewards program. This Runtastic rewards program was designed for people, just like you, to be rewarded for things you’ve already been doing: regularly sharing our content and your activities.

We recently reached the 115 million registered user mark (thank you!) and we wanted to create a way for all of our incredibly active users to simply win prizes for engaging with us and within the worldwide Runtastic community.

How does it work?

Well, first you have to create your account here by connecting via your social media channels: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Once you’ve connected your social media accounts, you will then see the ways you can earn points (i.e. share this post, Like us on Facebook, retweet us etc.). Each month you can earn as many points as you like. Those who reach 1,000 points will win 50% off a one-year Premium Membership and those who reach 3,500 points will win a 1-month Premium Membership. Those who are super active and engaging and earn more than 3,500 points will be entered in to win one grand prize, 9 runner-up prizes or a one-month Premium Membership. No matter the prize you earn, you will be notified at the end of every month.

Who can participate?

You! Yes, you! And you’ll get more points when you invite your friends as well. The more the merrier. We have to show the world how amazing our Runtastic community and portfolio is and help as many people get as healthy, fit and happy as possible – right?

When does it start?

When you’re ready to start, we’re ready for you! Start now earning points for this month and be on your way to winning some awesome prizes.

We’re very excited about this new program and even more excited to give back to you for being so active and motivated. Don’t forget to register today and start winning!


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