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runtastic User of the Month October: Philippa Moore

Our new User of the Month is Philippa Moore from London. Have a look at her passion for running and discover how why she is so motivated.


My name is Philippa Moore.  I’m an Australian living in the UK, just outside of busy, bustling London.  I’m 31 and have been running seriously for about three years.  Prior to that I got involved in triathlons and other fitness activities to maintain a 4 stone weight loss.  I spent my early twenties very unfit and overweight. I couldn’t even get up stairs without being out of breath.  Finally something in me snapped, I dug deep and sorted my life out.  In 2011 I ran the London Marathon. Today I continue to enjoy long distance racing while maintaining the award winning healthy lifestyle web site Skinny Latte Strikes Back, which has details of my entire running adventures!

- How long have you been using runtastic? Why did you start using it? Which apps? 

I have been a runtastic user since February 2012.  I’m not a very technical runner and don’t get too bogged down in all the stats, but when training for long distances you do need to have some idea of what distances you’re covering and in what times.

I started using it because I had just bought a new Blackberry phone and I did a bit of research and found that runtastic was a highly recommended running app for Blackberry.  I started out using the Lite and then upgraded to Pro.

- How many times per week are you using runtastic? 

 I use it every time I train, which is 4 times a week.  I do need to remember to charge my phone for the long runs!  😉

- Did runtastic change your life / your health / your sports or fitness habits? 

runtastic has definitely improved my training experience.   It’s so satisfying to have accurate data for my training and to see what distances I’ve covered and in what time.  I like the GPS map component, so I can see where I’ve been!

– What do you think about the runtastic fitness portal/community?

I think it’s fantastic that there are opportunities to share your stats and progress with other users if you need motivation to stay on track.  I also like how there is lots of support in the help forum for any issues you might have, or any ideas you want to share to make runtastic even better!

Congrats Philippa and we hope you will have even more fun by running with runtastic.

If you want to know more about Philippa, check out her blog:

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