How a Mother Lost 13 kg (29 lb) with Runtastic Results

Mother lost 13 kg with bodyweight exercises

Patricia lives in Hamburg and is the mother of a young daughter. “I gained nearly 20 kg (44 lb) during my pregnancy,” she told us. The Results app finally helped Patricia get back in shape: “The training plan is perfect for me. Now, I simply feel good all over!” Learn more about the 30-year-old and let her success inspire you to achieve your goals.

Runtastic success story Patricia

“I was a time management pro”

Patricia had always been physically active: horseback riding, pole dancing, bodyweight training – variety was the spice of life. “But I put on a lot of weight during my pregnancy,” said the 30-year-old. “In the third month, I even wore my husband’s pants. And by the end of my pregnancy, I had gained almost 20 kg (44 lb).”

Before Patricia became a mother, she worked in customer service and studied business administration and business psychology in college. “I considered myself a time management pro until my daughter Leni was born in August 2015. A kid changes everything – not just your weight.”

74 kg (163 lb) a year after her pregnancy

A year after the birth of her daughter Leni, Patricia still weighed 74 kg (163 lb). “Unfortunately, unlike some women, breastfeeding didn’t solve everything. I breastfed like a champ, but it didn’t help me lose weight.” The “before” photo was taken around this time. Patricia admitted, “After my pregnancy, I didn’t feel like doing sports. Not even detox, low-carb or anything like that. But to be honest, even at 74 kg (163 lb), I felt very comfortable in my own skin.”

Before her pregnancy, Patricia weighed 60 kg (132 lb) and felt that she was actually too fat. “I always find something wrong with myself. But who doesn’t?”

Flexible program: Training with your own body weight

Patricia finally wanted to start exercising again. “As a mother, I needed a flexible program. Bodyweight training was exactly what I was looking for.” Patricia downloaded her training plan in the Results app. “I do my exercises when my baby is asleep – or sometimes even together with my daughter.”

Mother holding her baby after her workout.

“I’m still not really a pro at time management”

Unlike in the past, Patricia has stopped counting calories. She is happy with herself, her body and the world. “Admittedly, I’m still not really a pro at time management. It’s often hard as a mother. And from time to time I fall behind on my Results training weeks. My plan sometimes has more red fields than green. But it still seems to yield results! :-)”


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