“How is that supposed to be possible?” (Manja Week 7)

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Follow Manja’s Runtastic Results journey week by week here on the Runtastic blog. Manja is a mom, wife, works a full-time job and is ready to change her life. We know that her story is a powerful one and we look forward to sharing her journey one workout at a time. Now she’s on to week 7. In case you missed week 6, you can get a full recap here.

Dear Week 7,
I hate you!

Workout 1: OH MY GOSH! It is really getting serious now. 36-minute workout? But it wasn’t just the time, it was the fact that there were 400 jumping jacks…are you kidding me? At first when I saw the exercise, I thought it said 10 jumping jacks – then I looked again. 100? wait…what? But once again, it IS amazing what the human body is able to accomplish. 400 jumping jacks are manageable, even for ME! I am so happy I completed this workout.


Workout 2: I really do like planks, especially since I am getting so much better at them. But my arms were really sore from all the jumping jacks I did yesterday. I still can’t get over the fact that I did 400 jumping jacks yesterday. Today’s workout had inchworms…I don’t like them at all.

Workout 3: Short, but intense! I think that’s what I also wrote about the 3rd workout last week. Hey, do we have a pattern here?

Workout 4: Squat star? How is that supposed to be possible? I tried, I really did, I swear! But I am not able to jump that high or move that fast in order to make sure my feet are back under my hips before I hit the ground. I think I look like a T-Rex trying to jump and clap my hands over my head at the same time…just not possible…so I did the modification exercise instead. Found a way around it, see?


This week was really intense. It was the last workout before our 3-week family vacation to Denmark, so there was a lot of office work, packing and many other things to be done at home before my family and I could leave for 3 weeks. Then of course there are the workouts which are getting harder and harder every week now. I couldn’t find time this week for my usual runs. 🙁



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