Fit & Firm: How Running Influences And Strengthens Your Body

Endurance training is, for various reasons, a top priority topic in the health and fitness world. Many people do endurance sports to unwind and forget about their professional or private issues. Our expert, Sascha, knows about the positive effects of running on your entire body – because not only our souls benefit from regular fitness activities. “Running comes with an array of positive effects that help protect your body against the so-called ills of modern civilization while strengthening your body overall,” explains the experienced trainer. Last time, we took a closer look at the numerous benefits of running on our heart; this time we’ll shed a light on the positive effects of running on muscles, soul, body composition and breathing.

Runtastic Fit And Firm

Lungs & improved breathing
Regular running and endurance training increases the maximum respiratory volume and improves your breathing economy. As a consequence, you not only breathe easier, but you learn how to breathe more efficiently and economically.

Grow & strengthen your muscles
Blood circulation in the muscles of a runner is better than in less or not active individuals. This helps our muscles process oxygen easier which leads to a better nutrient and mineral supply which, in turn, leads to less tense muscles. Plus, well-trained muscles are less prone to injury. Win-win!

Runtastic Fit And Firm

Running is balm for your soul
Runners know what we’re talking about: Whether it’s on the treadmill or outdoors, surrounded by nature – running helps us unwind and relax. This form of exercise helps shake off stress, tension and fears while improving our overall wellbeing. “Running training improves how we perceive and evaluate our bodies,” says Sascha. Heading out for a run is great for your self-esteem and mind.

Runtastic Fit And Firm

In shape through running
Sports and exercise lead to an increased calorie & energy consumption, activate our fat metabolism and help reduce our body weight while strengthening our muscles.

For a runner, it can be highly motivating to know about the positive effects of their training on their bodies. Runnings is not only fun, but it has numerous advantages for your body and mind. So… lace up & go for a run!


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