7 Things We All Can Do to Avoid Plastic Pollution in Daily Life

Every day, each one of us contributes to the plastic waste that gets dumped into our oceans. The European Parliament Research Service estimates that we have more than 150 million tons of plastic polluting our oceans right now.

This makes marine life sick, and as a result, we all suffer. It’s our responsibility to fight back and reduce future pollution.

Use these 7 tips to change your daily habits — you’ll help keep the oceans cleaner and raise awareness of the threat of plastic pollution:

1. Say no to plastic bags

No one should be using plastic bags these days, but we see them all the time in supermarkets and our favorite clothing stores. Plastic bags are a huge waste! Make a habit of carrying reusable bags. It may take a couple tries before you remember to always have your canvas bag on hand, but do your best. Make a promise to yourself not to go grocery shopping without a reusable bag and you’ll get the hang of it in no time!

Lots of bred packed in plastic

2. Stop using single-use plastic like straws

People rarely buy plastic straws for their households, but we see them all the time when we go out to restaurants and bars. Plastic straws use tons of plastic that ends up getting dumped in our oceans and harming marine life. It’s simple: kindly ask your waiter/bartender to leave the straw out of your drink and suggest they stop using them. You’d be surprised how many people just don’t know it’s even an issue. You can help to educate your community by talking about the negative effects straws have on our oceans.

Our tip:

If you don’t want to give up straws, use one made of glass or metal. They are easy to clean and can be used for years.

A straw made of plastic in a drink

3. Get a reusable water bottle

Every runner knows how important it is to stay hydrated. Are you using plastic bottles that you throw away after each run? We hope not! Get yourself a reusable water bottle for your fitness activities and for daily life. Refill it during the day. Not only will you cut down on plastic, you’ll be able to keep better track of your water intake so you can stay hydrated.

a young lady at the beach is drinking from a sustainable water bottle

4. Quit smoking

Cigarette smoke is just about the worst thing for your lungs, especially if you’re training and working out regularly. But did you know that cigarettes also have plastic filters? These filters add to the pollution destroying our oceans. Add this to the long list of reasons why it’s time to quit smoking for good!

5. Think global — act local

It’s true that plastic pollution is a global problem, but you can start making a huge impact in your local community. Do some research and see what is being done in your neighborhood. Start a plastic clean-up group yourself. Take pride in where you live and talk to people you know. This is how real change starts.

6. Buy sustainable material

We all love an excuse for new running gear right? Take the time to make sure that your next purchase is made with sustainable materials. Looking good isn’t enough, you should feel good about how your clothes affect our oceans. Make sure that the materials are environmentally friendly the next time you buy a new shirt, tights, or running shoes!

Two runners in a city where you can find a lot of trash packed in plastic

7. Join the movement

Sign up now for the Run For The Oceans Challenge: from June 8-16, 2019, thousands of runners around the world are counting their kilometers to raise awareness of marine plastic pollution.

We are causing our oceans so much harm and most of us don’t even know it! Join us as we fight to keep our oceans alive:

Saving our oceans is a big task, but the reward is even bigger. If our oceans die, we die. Fighting for our oceans means we are fighting for ourselves and everything we know and love — join Run For The Oceans 2019 now!



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