Do You Want to Gain Healthy Weight? Here’s How It Works

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Today, more than 1.9 billion people are overweight worldwide. Many can’t imagine that there are actually people who would like to gain weight but can’t. Putting on a few pounds is a real challenge for some people. Especially if they want to do it in a healthy way.

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Would you like to gain weight and build muscle mass?

Don’t just stuff your face with fast food, but bulk up through a good mix of nutrient- and calorie-rich foods, regular meals and intense training.

Here are the best tips for gaining healthy weight:

Step one: be patient!

This is perhaps the most important tip for you: it doesn’t matter whether you want to gain or lose weight, you have to be patient. Changes don’t happen overnight. Calculate your daily calorie requirement and add an additional 200-300 calories. If you have a calorie surplus every day, you will put on weight. Slow but steady!

Quality before quantity

To be able to eat as much as you want… that is all well and good. But what really counts is quality! Burgers, fries and soft drinks are full of calories, but they also contain lots of saturated fats, salt and sugar. You are better off focusing on nutrient- and calorie-rich foods like fruit, vegetables, avocados, legumes, whole-grain products, potatoes, rice, meat, fish, nuts and seeds.

Eat regular meals

You don’t have to eat your daily calorie requirement in three main meals. Five or six regular meals (spaced out throughout the day) are easier on your stomach and keep you feeling full. Plus, you should avoid skipping meals and you should always have some snacks on you in case you get hungry while on the go.

Healthy snacks for in between meals:

Light products? No thanks!

Stay away from products labeled “low-fat” or “light”. At the grocery store, make sure to buy the regular fat version. Also, foods naturally high in fat like avocado, nuts, seeds or high-quality vegetable oil should be a regular part of your meal plan. They fill you up and provide you with plenty of nutrients and calories.

Track your calories

Log everything you eat and drink: a food tracking app helps you learn more about your eating habits. Perhaps you can squeeze in a few more calories here or there? Or maybe you forgot to eat breakfast yesterday?

Rely on strength training

Exercise is very important for gaining weight. While intense bodyweight training strengthens your muscles and stokes your fat-burning engine, if you want to gain healthy weight, we recommend focusing on strength training (3-4 times a week) with more weight and fewer repetitions. And don’t forget to eat plenty of protein after your workout. Good sources include poultry, eggs, tofu, legumes and nut butter. Protein helps you bulk up on muscle and is especially effective in combination with carbohydrates.


Gaining enough weight can prove to be pretty challenging. The important thing is to stick with it and give your body the time it needs to change. We wish you lots of success on your journey!



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