How to Keep Your Employees Fit – 4 Basic Principles

We are a health and fitness company. If we can’t manage to keep our employees fit, who can?! Here’s how we roll.

Lunch Pump

We know, we begin with the most obvious – but hey, your body is your temple, right? We’ve already told you about how we have fun and keep ourselves fit, so it’s obvious we want to encourage everybody to stay active. We enjoy free access to a gym next door and our Zumba trainer comes to our office twice a month for dancing workouts – no excuse left for not getting off your butt. Maybe you’ve already read about our Day of New Ideas (DONI)? One project which we still benefit from is our treadmill desk! And of course we use our apps for keeping ourselves fit: Many of us do Results Workouts together during lunch breaks (we call them LunchPumps©) or go for lunch runs (or Runches, as we call them).


Ever heard of the saying “Whatever is good for your soul – do it”? Fitness, music or spending time with your loved ones – we are all different and have our own ways of feeding our souls. But one thing is for sure: everybody needs a break from daily stress and to relax and take time out for themselves every now and again. That’s why we have weekly yoga classes and a masseuse coming to the office regularly. We also offer resilience training courses to give advice to our employees on how to cope with stressful situations. Let’s be honest, life’s no picnic and sometimes you have problems at work or in your private life and need an external perspective. That’s why we offer psychology consultation hours that are, of course, anonymous and for free.

Wait – what? They write about what’s good for our souls without mentioning food? Have they gone completely nuts? Calm down, we would NEVER forget about nutrition. Actually, Runtastic isn’t only about running and training anymore. Nutrition has become one of our company’s focal points.

Fruits _ Veggies

Sweets 3

These are not stock images, but snapshots of what our Working Café looks like: fresh fruits and veggies every day, chocolate and nuts every week, and Runtastics bringing cake or other sweets to share with their colleagues for their birthday or just because. It is all about the balance and we like to reward ourselves for our hard work.

…is better than a cure. Eyesight tests, tick vaccination, workplace ergonomic checks – we want our employees to stay healthy. Starting next month, there will also be health tests and spinal screenings for Runtastics.

Looking for support with how you can implement an active and healthy lifestyle in your company? We might help you, take a look here.


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