Perfect Combo for the 2018 World Cup: TV Snack ? & Workout! ?

Apple nachos as a TV snack idea

You’ve probably spent a lot of time in front of the TV over the past few weeks thanks to the 2018 World Cup, haven’t you?

And, of course, nothing goes better with watching TV than crunchy snacks like chips. The only problem is that these snacks are packed with fat, calories, and a ton of salt, making an evening of watching football a pretty unhealthy activity.

If you’ve had enough unhealthy nights watching football, we’ve got an alternative TV snack for you: try these fruity 5-minute apple nachos.

World Cup Workout: break a sweat while watching TV

Want to burn a few more calories? Get the Runtastic World Cup Workout for the 2018 World Cup and get in shape while watching TV!

Runtastic World Cup Workout


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