“I don’t like any kind of burpee!” (Manja Week 1)

Follow Manja’s Runtastic Results journey week by week here on the Runtastic blog. Manja is a mom, wife, works a full-time job and is ready to change her life. We know that her story is a powerful one and we look forward to sharing her journey one workout at a time.

Manja week 1

10 Facts about Manja:

      • 38 years old
      • has been overweight since her teens
      • has celiac disease
      • originally from Denmark and now lives in Austria
      • married for 10 years
      • mom of 2 loveable beasts (kids), 9 and 6 years old
      • has lost 22kg over the past 2 ½ years, not quite done yet…
      • not a big fan of working out
      • graphic designer
      • has discovered a passion for running

Dear Week 1,
I can honestly say I was really eager to start this program. I have lost some weight on my own, but I think it’s time for me to have a plan to follow that’s going to push my limits and help me reach my goals. Honestly, I don’t know what my “goal weight” is, and I am trying not to focus on that. I just want to get healthy, for the first time in my life, and be able to keep up with my kids and my busy life. I have decided to commit to 4 days per week during this training plan.

Manja Video Week 1

Workout 1: The first workout was great! It was nice and short, took me about 10 minutes and I still broke a sweat. I think this short workout is a great way to ease me into the routine.

Workout 2: This came after the craziest day ever – I needed it. Here is a day in a mom’s life for you: pack the kids’ lunches, take them to school, go to work, go to singing lessons, pick up the kids, make smoothies with my son Victor, cook with the kids, clean up the kitchen, eat dinner, make homemade cherry jam, clean up the kitchen (again), put the kids to bed, do my workout, iron…ahh! Just writing this list makes me exhausted. I know that losing this extra weight will give me more energy to conquer all these daily tasks because I am completely mentally and physically exhausted today. Those 20 second planks – who knew that 20 seconds could be so intense?

Manja week 1

Workout 3: My belly felt a bit sore today, I like it! I am feeling SO good and full of energy. I was actually feeling so good that I went for a run with the kids after I picked them up from school. They rode their bikes while I was running. We ended up doing 4.4km and we had a lot of fun. I really want to try and incorporate more physical activity in my everyday life outside of the workouts so I get some variety. Still feeling pretty motivated. I know it’s only week 1, but so far so good.

Workout 4: So yesterday I didn’t do a workout but I tried out yoga. I am not sure I did it right, but I felt really good afterwards. Then today’s workout was a bit more intense. I was focused because I knew it was the last workout of the week but honestly….I HATE BURPEES! I even came up with this acronym IDLAKOB which stands for “I don’t like any kind of burpees!” I know that planks and burpees are hardcore – but together? Gosh, I was sweating so much and I think that the walking lunges almost killed me…almost.

Manja week 1

Manja Week Video 1

This was really a great start and I was full of energy all week. I didn’t feel super sore but I did feel my abs when I laughed hard – I guess I have to stop laughing. Just kidding! I made a video diary. Not sure how well I did. It makes me feel a bit insecure but I know that looking back on it will be really helpful. Anyhow, I am looking forward to next week.


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