I Quit Caffeine for a Month – Here’s What Happened

CEO di Runtastic

Coffee or energy drinks: For many people, caffeinated beverages are a part of daily life. Runtastic CEO and Co-Founder Florian quit them for one month and he is here now to tell you what happened.

A cup of coffee on a table surroundend by coffee beans.

While on vacation recently, I read the book The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey, which, as the title suggests, is about productivity. The author writes in a humorous way about how coffee affects our body. Coffee in and of itself is not a bad thing. What I learned, however, was that caffeine can remain in the body for up to twelve hours. That really shocked me. So I decided to go one month without any caffeine and to see what happened.

The first thing I noticed was that I had splitting headaches! They lasted several days and were definitely caused by caffeine withdrawal. Some of my friends had already warned me, but I didn’t think it was really possible.

The transition to a caffeine-free lifestyle, however, actually went pretty quickly. But you have to stay strong if you want to change your habits. Especially because you tend to think even more about the things you can’t have. 😉 Plus, there is a social aspect to drinking coffee. You just have to get used to this.

Looking back on my caffeine-free month, I can say that many things got better:

  • My sleep quality improved tremendously
  • Naturally, I feel much fitter now because of it – even without coffee or energy drinks
  • I learned a few things about myself and my habits

Of course, it takes a good deal of willpower to achieve your goals (no matter what they are). And I think that not only entrepreneurs, but everyone needs a strong will to get ahead in life. Some of it you are born with, but you can learn to make it stronger.

Why did I decide in the first place to quit caffeine for a month? Because I love a challenge! Be it at work, in my private life or in my training. I simply enjoy the thrill of constantly being able to challenge myself. And, at the same time, having fun doing it! It probably sounds a little crazy and it is too, but I like it 😉

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Florian Gschwandtner Florian is one of the four founders of Runtastic and the former CEO of the company. Fitness and a balanced lifestyle are very important to him. View all posts by Florian Gschwandtner