“I Run Because…”: The 9 Best Answers from Runtastic Users

Young couple is running together.

The only one who can tell you why you run is yourself, of course. But one thing many of you share in common is that running makes you happy. It makes you feel free, beautiful and satisfied. It sends you on an emotional roller coaster and gives you adrenaline kicks. But most importantly it keeps you fit and healthy. On our Facebook page, we have asked Runtastic users why they run and here are the 9 best answers.

Young couple is running together.

I run because…

“…I love this emotional roller coaster. During the first few kilometers you often think, “I’m not really in the mood,” then this feeling is replaced by a sense of joy in doing something good for your body. This is also when the runner’s high kicks in and one feels good the rest of the day.”  Roger Peeters

“…I can clear my head. Music on, brain off and simply head out into the world where you can forget your worries and concerns for a while. It’s this feeling of freedom that drives and motivates me.” Carsten Rudnitzki

“…it makes me feel free, happy and satisfied. While I run I can relax and dream, recharge my batteries and start my day off full of energy. Plus, you meet an awful lot of really wonderful people – and it’s the only thing that helps when I’m feeling down.” Michaela Wunderlich

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“…birds fly, fish swim and humans run. It’s good for you and it clears your head. You can burn off some energy and sometimes push your limits. You can admire the beauty of nature and enjoy the privilege of being able to run. You do your body good and while you run you can block out all those pesky negative thoughts.” Andreas Kasulke

“…I love the feeling of being in nature and then starting my day off full of energy – mentally and physically! Thanks for all your great work!” Dominik Niki Wipplinger

“…it’s fun, especially since I started running with Story Running – to lose and maintain my weight and keep my body in shape!” Sylvia Schön

Young woman running and listening music

“…because I need some physical exercise after a long day at the office. Running simply makes you feel better and clears your head. Amazing.” Nico Heinzel

“…it helps me to relax and block out almost everything around me. I can finally listen to my favorite music, stay fit and experience a surge of adrenaline every time my performance improves. Running is my ticket to happiness.” Antje Wolf

“…this time helps me get in touch with life! When my lungs start to burn, I hang on, fight through the pain and run the next kilometer even faster! At the same time, it’s a moment of peace and a moment when you can think of all the people you have practically forgotten. Emotions that give you renewed strength.” Charlene Natalie Pohl

What inspires you to lace up your running shoes and head out the door? What motivates you and keeps you from giving up? Leave a comment about why you like to run. Let your creativity run wild!


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