“I wanted to recover & get healthy again” (Manja Week 6)

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Follow Manja’s Runtastic Results journey week by week here on the Runtastic blog. Manja is a mom, wife, works a full-time job and is ready to change her life. We know that her story is a powerful one and we look forward to sharing her journey one workout at a time. Now she’s on to week 6. In case you missed week 1, you can get a full recap here.

Dear Week 6,
This week I was sick, so it wasn’t possible for me to do more than 3 workouts. Eh…

Workout 1: Oh my gosh….this is the hardest workout so far. Until now my workouts took me about 10-12 minutes, but today it was TWENTY-SIX minutes. I am sweating behind my ears! The last round I had to switch to knee push-ups for the “push-up side plank.” I thought I was going to die. I can’t wait until tomorrow! 😉

Manja week 6

The day after Workout 1 I got stomach pains, so I wanted to go for a run (because that usually helps), but then I got a fever – no run for me, no workout for me, just me and my bed! I slept all afternoon and all night…

Workout 2: I’m okay and feeling a bit better. I am not great, but okay. It was soooooooo good to do a workout again, though. It felt really good to be able to move again and jump and train. 🙂 The push-ups and planks were so hard!

Workout 3: Short, but intense! Not as scary as day 1 – ha!

I am not happy that I got sick, but it was a really great opportunity for me to figure out a way to change and adapt my workout plan based on circumstances beyond my control. I couldn’t work out with a fever and, obviously, my body needed some rest. So, I listened to my body and then just picked up where I left off. I didn’t want to push myself, I wanted to recover and get healthy again. Wow, I am so proud of myself for accomplishing that and not using sickness as an excuse to just quit completely.



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