Lunden’s Top 10 Of IDEA World Fitness Convention 2014

Last week and weekend I had the opportunity to attend IDEA World Fitness Convention in Anaheim, CA. This is an international event and organization where thousands of fitness professionals get together to learn more about the business, trends and to find community and inspiration amongst others who also eat, sleep & breathe healthy living.

I really had an unforgettable time at IDEA World Fitness Convention 2014. There is really nothing like being around people who love what you love. I have had to deal with people in the past who really think my lifestyle is too much and “obsessive” and I need to “live a little” so being around 12,000 people who think like me is pretty epic.

Here is my Top 10 from IDEA World Fitness Convention 2014:


1. Blog Fest
This year I spent the first 2 days attending Blog Fest. This was put on by IDEA and Sweat Pink and was focused on blogging. We covered content, best practices, how to blog for brands, how to build relationships with other bloggers & much more. It was so great and amazing, I will never forget everything I learned. We even did some yoga sessions and morning runs together.

IDEA World Fitness Convention Yoga

2. Working out with people who love fitness
I went on a morning run with a group, took a yoga class, tabata interval training and much more. It’s so great to get sweaty and high five those who enjoy doing the same.

3. Learn to make fitness fun
If you’re not having fun with something, the chances of you sticking with it are very slim. I love this conference because the creativity is limitless! When I was training clients, I quickly realized the importance of helping each individual client find what they like to do and can have fun with. For some it’s weight training, for some it’s Zumba and others martial arts. Whatever it is, it’s really empowering when you find it.


4. Lorna Jane & Jillian Michaels speech
Ahh! This was my favorite part. Lorna Jane & Jillian Michaels BOTH spoke at Blog Fest. Lorna Jane is a world renown activewear designer and brand. I first found out about her when I was in Australia and have been a huge fan ever since. She worked on her clothing line for 25 years before it completely took off. That is SO inspiring to never give up. I oftentimes find myself in “I want it now” mode and that’s definitely not good. It felt good to hear her story. Jillian Michael (I know everyone knows who she is) was insanely incredible. Her humor, personality & character were just epic– to say the least. Someone asked her if she ever felt like she would compare herself to others and if she wondered how it was her and not someone else. Her response…”Why not me?” Loved her attitude and confidence, she is a huge role model of mine and I feel so grateful to have been able to hear her speak.

5. Learning!
I don’t know Everything & I never will. My favorite part is just learning from other brands and people and just being a sponge– soaking it all in. I love learning new exercise techniques and hearing other peoples’ mistakes in the fitness industry and being able to learn from what they have done in the past.

6. Share “tricks”
I really love hearing trainers verbal cues. When I first started training, it was really hard for me to verbalize quickly & efficiently what I wanted a client to do without showing them or touching them. Not that showing them or touching them is bad, but it’s just faster if you can tell them in a way that “clicks” and makes sense. I am always listening to what the instructors say in the classes that I take.

7. Trying samples
If you know me, you know I am not a “bar person.” And by that, I mean meal or snack bars. So you won’t find me bouncing around from booth to booth trying different protein bars. But, this year I really enjoyed trying the vegan cheese & chocolate covered goji berries. SO delicious!

8.  New friends
I love meeting new people and making new friends. I have met some really great people and have found a mutual respect and relationship to share each others blogs, videos, content, etc. That’s what these conventions are all about!


9. Connecting with old faces
I was very fortunate this year to run into a few instructors I took classes with last year, a fitness guru I worked with on TV before and even a high school friend who I worked with on some health education topics for her Master’s thesis at UCLA. It’s so great to run into people unexpectedly to foster each relationship a little bit more. Of course, my #sweatpink family was there rocking their Runtastic Orbit!

IDEA World Fitness Convention Lunden

10. Taking pictures for social media
I know this sounds totally strange, but it really is something I look forward to. I love meeting new people, exchanging social media contacts, taking pictures, tagging people & getting new followers.



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