Finally in Shape with Bodyweight Training: Simon Lost 11 Kg (24 lb)!

My name is Simon and I am 38 years old. I live with my wife and two sons in Auckland, New Zealand. To be honest, I was never overweight. I always weighed around 94 kg (207 lb). But the closer I got to my 40th birthday, the bigger my belly began to grow. Soon I said to myself, “You won’t get rid of that so quickly…you better do something about it now.”

Fast and effective: Runtastic Results app

I started looking for an effective training program and helpful tips. As the father of two boys, it was especially important for me to find an intense workout that didn’t take a lot of time. That’s how I found the Runtastic Results app. It promised exactly what I wanted.
I started with the bodyweight training in my living room and yard. I particularly liked the Workout Creator, because I always knew exactly how long my training would take. My sons didn’t want to miss out either, and they often joined me.

Plus, the nutrition tips in the app motivated me to rethink my diet. From then on I gladly ate salad with a high quality protein source for lunch and gave up sugar.

-11 kg (24 lb): “I’m much happier now!”

By training with my own bodyweight and changing my diet, I lost a total of 11 kg (24 lb). My appearance didn’t change much, but I felt happier, fitter and lighter. This made it that much easier to start running. My risk of injury is lower due to my strong core. In 2017 I finished two half marathons and one full marathon. I want to do even more this year. Of course, I am still training with Runtastic Results.

Runtastic helped me bring my fitness up to the next level. Thank you for the amazing support and tough workouts.


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