A World of Flavors: 8 Delicious International Recipes


You got back from vacation a few weeks ago and you’re already eager to travel again? Take a trip around the world with us and revel in your memories. From Italy to Mexico to India, these recipes will delight your palate – and add variety to your diet!

1. La dolce vita…

Off to Italy: pasta with vegan broccoli pesto is a great alternative to traditional pasta dishes.

Did you know?

Frank Sinatra contributed to the popularity of pesto, when he worked on an advertising campaign for the food.

2. A taste of the Middle East…

Ever heard of Shakshuka? Fried eggs, juicy tomatoes, and spicy chili come together in this North-African and Israeli dish.

You like it spicy?

Then try having Shakshuka in the morning for breakfast.

3. Greetings from India!

A creamy mango lassi is especially refreshing on hot days.

The Indian yogurt drink…

…cuts the burn when you eat a spicy dish.

4. Pancakes in New York City

As a breakfast treat or a tasty snack – pancakes are always delicious!

A sweet start to your day

Have you noticed that this recipe has no refined sugar?

5. Dreams of Asia

This mouthwatering chicken in peanut sauce is a guaranteed Asian delight…

Tip for gourmets:

A dash of chili flakes gives the dish some nice zip.

6. Bring Mexico into your kitchen

All the rage: colorful burrito bowls are simple and easy to make.

Are you a vegetarian?

Skip the chicken and try it with tofu instead.

7. Pop over to Germany for a hearty meal

Tomatoes stuffed with ground beef and quinoa – a satisfying savory dish!

Did you know?

The high-protein stuffing makes this dish a perfect post-workout meal.

8. Indulge in a culinary journey to Southeastern Europe

Feta, olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, and chickpeas taste incredible together and will take you back to sunny days in Greece.

Packed with nutrients

Did you know that chickpeas are loaded with fiber and vegetable protein?


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