Intervall training implemented, heart rate zones & landscape mode – runtastic iPhone 1.7

Intervall training

Heart rate integration was a first step to improve and measure your performance in more detail. Now the next important step is done – interval training is now possible. You can define various heart rate zones and will also get voice feedback for these zones (eg voice: heart rate zone 1)

What is interval training?

Interval training is defined as a series of repetitions of work with a recovery period following each repetition. Interval training is the keys to running faster. Running long distances alone does not develop the energy systems or the neuromuscular coordination necessary to consistently improve your speed and performance.

How to use interval training for the iPhone?

  1. Start the runtastic PRO version
  2. Press the “workout button on the mainscreen”
  3. Choose “intervall”
  4. Define your intervall
  • Press “Edit” for a new intervall on the upper right corner
  • Add a “new workout”
  • Now you can choose the name for the intervall training
  • Choose whether you need a warm up and cool down (recommendated)
  • Set the repeats (eg you would like to repeat your intervall for five times then set here 5)
  • Enter your interval and distinguish between “slow”, “steady” or “fast” and between “distance” and “time”
  • If you´ve finished press “save” in the right upper corner and then start your intervall training

Intervall training

Intervall training

How to use heart rate zones for the iPhone?

  1. Settings –> Heart rate zones
  2. Enter your various zones
  3. Voice feedback settings –> Heart rate zones “on”

Heart rate zones

Landscape mode is available now

  1. Start a session and then press the button in the bottom right corner (landscape) and the screen will change to landscape
  • Time
  • Distance
  • Altitude
  • Elevation gain/loss
  • Speed
  • Pace

landscape mode runtastic

Enjoy the new features and we´re looking forward to get a lot of feedback from you.

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