Interview with Runtastic: Daniel Dörrer

On March 9th, it’s that time again! A mix of trail, extreme, and fun run elements with over 45 obstacles awaits eager participants. One of the world’s toughest races will take place with one goal in mind: Helping ill children and their families. Daniel Dörrer, world champion kickboxer and active Braveheart, talks about his training with Runtastic for the Braveheart Battle Run in Münnerstadt, Germany.

Daniel Dörrer
Daniel Dörrer

Why do you support the Bravehearts Charity?
Daniel: I work often and intensely with children and young people. With the Bravehearts Charity, I can bring important social issues to the forefront through events like the Braveheart Battle Run. Furthermore, the kids get excited about our participation and thereby we provide something very unique and special.

The Braveheart Battle Run will take place on March 9, 2013. How do you get yourself in shape for one of the world’s toughest races?
Daniel: Since I am currently preparing for the World Championship, I am already very fit 🙂 I support my training with the Runtastic PRO app, and I find it to be a very effective tool. It’s the perfect tool to get fit or to keep the body in prime shape – whether you are a top athlete or weekend warrior!

Were you already familiar with Runtastic in the past, or did you come across our products and services during your preparation for the Braveheart Battle Run?
Daniel: I came across Runtastic products via the Bravehearts Charity, and have since integrated them into my “normal” martial arts training.

What time result are you aiming for? And, how does this influence your training?
Daniel: For me, it is important that my team and I manage to get through this TOGETHER. This is one of our key messages for the kids 🙂

In terms of Runtastic products – what are your favorites and which specific features do you like best?
Daniel: I really like the interaction between the app and the fitness site. I think the comprehensive overview is very helpful for monitoring progress, as well as identifying personal strengths and weaknesses.  In addition, I love to follow my friends LIVE during their fitness activities. Afterwards, because we’re all so competitive, I like to compare my training data with their results!


We wish Daniel all the best for his last few days of training and the Braveheart Battle Run!


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