Introducing Our 2017 Runtastic Ambassadors

Group of healthy people resting in gym after hard cross training and making selfie.

We’re excited to announce our Runtastic Ambassadors for 2017! Throughout the last few months, we received so many amazing applications from tons of incredible users, it was a really difficult decision. But we’ve found some motivated, encouraging, excited and creative individuals that we feel fully embody Runtastic and our message.

We encourage you to take a look, find the ambassadors in your area (if possible) and connect with them. Go for a run together using the Runtastic app or a bodyweight training workout using Results! #strongertogether

Let’s meet them…


Jacee – Phoenix, AZ

Runtastic Ambassador

I grew up playing multiple sports and swam competitively where I qualified for the State Championship 4 years in a row. At the age of 20, I was required to have both hips operated on and was told I would not be as active after surgery. But, I defied all odds! Since surgery, I have become more active with resistance training, running and yoga. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Let’s do it together.

Khalfani – Washington D.C.


Hey, I’m Khalfani but you guys can call me Khali. I’m a singer/songwriter from the Washington Metropolitan area who is dedicated to living and helping others live a healthier lifestyle. I’m addicted to fitness for so many reasons, but I would say the greatest benefit is how I feel. Your best self is more than capable of achieving anything you put your mind too! Let’s work towards a future filled with progression and full of MOTION. Who’s ready to sweat…?

Sabrina – New York City


My name is Sabrina – also known as Runningbrina. I’m spreading the joy and power of running to the world as a Certified Running Coach. As a lifestyle, fitness and running blogger, I share my love about running and fitness on my blog. I love to inspire others and motivate them to become a better version of themselves through wellness of mind, body, running and a lot of laughter.

Bill – Dover, PA

Runtastic Ambassador

I am an avid recreational triathlete whose strength is running. I like running all paces and distances. When possible, I love involving my family. I think everyone can run; our perspective is what needs a change of pace.

Anela – Miami, FL

Runtastic Ambassador

Health and Fitness are a huge part of my balanced lifestyle. I love to connect with people and motivate them to achieve their goals and to think outside the box. One of the reasons why I applied for the Runtastic Ambassador program is because I want to lead people into good habits to become healthy and fit for life.


Alicia – Salamanca

Young women running

My name is Alicia and my main hobby is flying. I really enjoy the total feeling of freedom it gives me. I am a simple girl: I love reading, fitness, going to the movies and friendship. I am fighting to make the world a little bit better.

Miguel and Lorena – Talamanca
@miguelvinagre @lorecarra

Happy couple after running a marathon


I am what I call an ex-sofa smoker (couch potato). I am a telecommunications engineer and am really passionate about new technology. When I am not working, I am preparing for my first Half Ironman in September 2017. My least favorite food is eggplant.


I am a Patagonian globetrotter. One day I arrived in Spain and stayed there to become the founder of the travel agency “Viajes Cono Sur”. I battled and won a fight against breast cancer in 2013. Since then, I have been keeping fit and healthy by running in the fields with my dogs.
Both of us love cooking and travelling. We’re the parents of 2 dogs and activists for animal adoption.

David – Badajoz

Young man in running clothes

I have been running for several years and I love to set goals that help me be a better person and go the extra mile. I think the key for everything in life is effort and consistent work.

Amadeo – Pontevedra

Young man in running clothes looking happy

I am 21 years old and the current Spanish U23 Half Marathon Champion. I love running and I am looking forward to connecting with many more runners and sharing Runtastic with them.


Charlotte – St Pol de Léon

Young woman doing sit-ups near the sea

I am fully engaged in a healthy and active lifestyle. I have a real passion to deepen my knowledge and to share it in my work and personal life. I am an avid user of Runtastic and, as an ambassador, I would like to help other people start on this great adventure!


Björn – Berlin

Man in Runtastic shirt posing in Monaco

I am 39 years old and an avid sports enthusiast. I love being outdoors, whether I’m running or biking. I am always striving to reach my personal best and get better step by step. When I was younger, I was a very active handball player and made it to the Junior Championship of Berlin. Then, I started running and road biking and Runtastic has accompanied me since the start. Since the launch of Runtastic Results, I have been a big fan of the 12-week training plan and have finished it 4 times already.

Carola – Munich

Carola - Runtastic Ambassador

I started running with Runtastic in early 2012 when completing my first slow 3K run in 28 minutes. Since then, I’ve gotten much faster and have completed several half marathons, marathons and around 20+ obstacle races, including the legendary Tough Guy in England and a Spartan Ultra Beast on Oahu, Hawaii. I love all types of sports like dancing, skiing, hiking, yoga, sailing, golf, and I track every workout with my Runtastic app.

Christian – Berlin

Young man in Runtastic shirt

I am 33 years old and live in Berlin. I am married and the proud dad of a 4-year old daughter. I love doing sports and being active. I work out at the gym on a regular basis and I’m currently on week 42 of Runtastic Results. I am very proud to be a part of the Runtastic Ambassador family.

Jörg – Aschaffenburg

Man in bright red sports clothes, with a water bottle in his hand

I am 45 years old and the father of 2. I am almost finished with my education at the IST (Studieninstitut) in Düsseldorf to be a professional sports and fitness coach. Since I was 4, I have been into sports. I think that functional training is the training method of the future and I focus on that a lot. Running is one integral part of my fitness routine and I wouldn’t want to miss it for the world. I try to motivate as many people as possible!

Laura – Berlin

Young woman in sports clothes standing in front of a graffiti wall

I love to get out of my comfort zone when working out and I try to continually challenge myself every time I train. I especially love running because it’s the perfect balance to stressful days after my job as a lawyer. I prefer running in a group together with other people – that’s the perfect motivation for me.


Filippo – Florence

Young man hiking in the mountains and smiling into the camera

I am 21 years old and a design student in Florence. I am a photography and nature enthusiast, love health and sports in all forms, and enjoy playing soccer, running and taking mountain hikes. I am always hungry for motivation and inspiration in order to be the best version of myself, both physically and mentally.

Giorgia – Milan

Woman doing a downward facing dog

I am an Italian globetrotter, fitness lover, runner and yoga teacher. I love to travel to explore different countries and learn about other cultures. I work out to challenge myself and as a form of self-respect.

Antonella – Latina (Rome)

Young woman in sports clothes

I am a very positive girl, happy and full of vitality. I love motivating others and seeing and being a part of their results. My favorite fitness activities are running, bodyweight training workouts and taekwondo. I discovered that running makes me free, the Results app workouts make me strong, and taekwondo makes me feel invincible!

Michy – Milan

Selfie of a young woman

I love life and simple things. Daily workouts make me happy and keep me healthy. I believe that training outdoors with a team of friends is the best way to start a good day or the best solution to end a bad day! I look forward to welcoming you to my team here in Milan.



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