Jumpstart Your Workout

Jumpstart Your Workout

Today I challenge you to jump off the couch and jump off some calories with this jumping rope and burpee workout routine I have for you. Jumping rope is awesome because you can do it anywhere & jump ropes are compact and easy to bring with you anywhere. Plus you can burn about 100 calories in just 10 minutes of jumping rope—a great thing to do on a break from work.  Burpees are awesome because they engage your whole entire body, get your heart rate up and you don’t need anything except for yourself in order to do this exercise.

Watch the video on the Runtastic YouTube Fitness Channel: http://bit.ly/YLwZel

Lunden jump rope

This workout is set up in a pyramid like fashion with the jumping rope jump repetitions: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 jump rope jumps and in between each set is 5 burpees. You can mix up your feet in jumping rope with side-to-side jumps, open close and even jumping on one foot. You can also mix up your hand positioning on the burpees with narrow, shoulder width and wide hand placement. This is your workout so you can be creative to get the most out of it & to make it challenging and more fun.

This workout is awesome to do when you don’t have much time for a workout, want to work out from home or outside or you need to do some cardio and all the machines are taken at the gym. The only way your body will see the results you want by the time summer comes, is by eliminating excuses and implementing small but effective tips. Try this quick and effective workout to jump off calories and jump into the warmer months.



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