How to lose 66 lbs. with the adidas Running app

Every year on New Year’s Eve, we make resolutions on what we plan to change during the upcoming year.  Being more active, eating healthier & losing weight are the top three resolutions in most countries.  In January, we’re all super motivated and give it a go, but then comes February…  The weather is bad, days are short & we’re tired.  The perfect conditions for an epic fail of our resolutions.

The good news?  This is not bound to happen! Integrating fitness activities into our daily lives is definitely feasible, as is long-term success.  You just have to know how to do it.

adidas Runtastic user Ahmed is a prime example.  Thanks to the adidas Running app, this young student was able to stay motivated and convert his workouts into an integral part of his daily routine.  Ahmed started his training as an absolute beginner and used our Fitness App Collection to build muscle and enhance his overall fitness.  With our apps and a dietary change, he managed to lose an incredible 66 lbs (30 kg) within six months!

“I am a 21 year-old student at the German University in Cairo and as it’s a rather tough college, I don’t have time to go to gym.  But, I want to do daily exercises to keep my body in shape.  Your apps are the best, because they start from an absolute beginner level and keep pushing you… I found myself doing 30 push-ups after starting from zero – really and truly!  At the beginning, I wasn’t even able to do one single push-up!  Plus, I lost 66 lbs!”

And, a picture is worth a thousand words, so see for yourself:


To help you follow Ahmed’s lead, we have prepared a special training plan, based on our fitness apps, for you to start working on your beach body RIGHT NOW.  And, a series of practical nutrition tips from our dietitians top off the package.  Now is the time to find your willpower & get ready for summer!  No excuses, just get started and you’re on your way!



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