Success Story Part II: Use the perfect training plan!

With a strength training plan accompanied by useful nutrition tips, Runtastic wants to make sure you don’t scrap your New Year’s resolutions this year!  We’re here to support you as you continue to improve your fitness this February.  All you need is a little time & our apps!

Plus, we have a great, inspiring story for all those who still need an extra boost of motivation: Read here to learn how Ahmed lost an incredible 66 lbs in six months using our Runtastic Fitness App Collection!

TRAINING PLAN: Continuity leads to success

Our Runtastic Fitness Coach Lunden created a perfect training plan for you, combining different exercises from the Runtastic Push-Ups, Pull-Ups, Sit-Ups, Six Pack and Squats apps.

The plan is designed for a four-week period, but of course you can continue your training at higher levels after completing these four weeks.  There’s not stopping you now!

L = level, D = day

Training plan

The first training day starts with a complete workout including six pack exercises, push-ups, pull-ups & squats, but don’t panic or get discouraged.  Level 1 is also suited for beginners, so you can do it! Plus, a little challenge is good for your motivation!  If you don’t have a pull-up bar at home yet, you can get one here.  Always keep in mind the material and dimensions of your door frame to choose the right model.  And if you can’t pull off pull-ups (pun intended) on your own, ask your (training) partner to help you or try “negative” pull-ups.  To do this, push a chair under your pull-up bar, step onto it and grab the bar in the usual pull-up position, with your chin being above the bar.  Then, slowly lower yourself in a controlled manner until touching the ground with your feet.  Repeat!

Wednesdays and Saturdays come with a special challenge.  You will use the Runtastic Sit-Ups app to try and set a new, personal sit-ups record (just choose “Activity/Record” within the app).  Go on and explore your limits & give your absolute best!  Ideally, the number of sit-ups in these workouts should increase with your training progress.

Sunday will be your rest day.  Time to relax 🙂

In the second week of training, you should already notice first improvements and start to recognize continuous boosts in your performance.  We recommend you combine this training plan with cardio training, for example, two running activities per week.

Even if it may seem like a whole lot of work, the exercises in this training plan don’t require an awful lot of time, yet they are extremely effective.  This way, it will be easy for you to integrate your workouts into your daily routine. The best part?  You can do all exercises at home – they don’t require a gym membership and (hardly) any special equipment.

Given that the right diet can make any workout regime even more effective, our registered dietitians have prepared another blog post with energizing tips around power food & workouts for you! Get ready to accompany your training plan with a balanced diet.



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