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How Vincent Lost 18% of His Body Fat

Vincent Success Story

When I look back at photos of me, I have to admit that I never saw myself how I really was – overweight. I weighed 95 kg (209 lb) and had a body fat percentage of 35%. At the time, I saw things differently: for me, everything was fine. But then one day I learned my BMI and I realized how overweight I really was…

I was suddenly very motivated to start exercising and that’s where adidas Runtastic came in. I had already tried a few fitness apps of this kind, but I wasn’t very satisfied with them. Until I discovered the adidas Training app. It had just what I was looking for – a plan adapted to my individual level of fitness. It didn’t take long before I was addicted to training with my own body weight.

My first 12-week training plan in the adidas Training app consisted of five workouts per week. I also supplemented it with some weight training in a gym to help strengthen my back and shoulders. At the beginning, I couldn’t go running because of knee pain (due to being overweight). But a few weeks of bodyweight training helped me lose some weight and strengthen my knees. I started to go running and the first few times were really hard. But the progress I made from week to week gave me the motivation to continue.

After I finished the first adidas Training 12-week plan, I started the second: this time, I chose 3 workouts per week and went running 2-3 times per week. I even did my bodyweight workouts over the Christmas holidays and I am really proud of how consistent I’ve been.

In terms of my bodyweight workouts, I’ve tried to do them in a slower and more controlled manner. I have also tried out the push-up variations and I think these small changes have made a big difference in the intensity of my workouts.

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For me, adidas Training doesn’t mean just training alone in your living room… for me, it is about a large community of people who want to share their experiences in the Facebook groups and motivate each other. Exercise is now a part of my life – and I wouldn’t want to live without it anymore!

Although I have lost 18% body fat in the meantime and now weigh 82 kg (180 lb), I still haven’t reached the end of my fitness journey – which is good. I have set some new goals for myself: I want to soon be able to run 10 km in 45 minutes and finish a half marathon in 1 hour 45 minutes.

adidas Runtastic has changed my life and I hope my story motivates others to lead a more active and healthier lifestyle.

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