Losing weight after Christmas: How to aid your digestion!

The Christmas holidays stretch on for many days and weeks, and at no other time of the year do we eat such high amounts of sweet, oily, salty treats and more….

Have you added a few kilos/pounds to your frame recently or are thinking of losing weight after Christmas? If so, make use of the following tips to get your digestion and weight back on track!

Drink, drink & drink some more!

Culprit number one for a sluggish digestive system is dehydration. So make sure that you drink a minimum of 1.5 liters of water on a daily basis. Eating water-rich fruits and vegetables helps, too!

Chew slowly!

Did you know your digestive processes begin as soon as food enters your mouth? The more you chew your food, the better the food is prepared for your stomach. Slow down, your stomach will thank you!

Beans, bean, the magical fruit…

Digestive processes are naturally accelerated by vegetables, fruits & legumes.


Probiotic yogurts kick sluggish digestion to the curb. The bacteria contained within these products helps keep your gut balanced and regular.

Wipe that sour look off your face!

Sour foods not only taste great, but also aid your digestive activity. Therefore, do not spare when it comes to vinegar, lemon juice, etc.

Keep your digestive tract clear with dietary fiber…

Dietary fiber is found in whole grains, vegetables & fruits, and is known to boost to your digestion and ensure that unnecessary internal residue is removed.

Find your rhythm… naturally!

Dried figs or prunes act as optimal, natural laxatives. Put them in a glass of water overnight and drink the sweet liquid in the morning on an empty stomach.

Get moving!

Move regularly to promote healthy digestion. Even short walks support your intestines more than slouching on the couch.


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