Top 10 Magnesium Sources For Runners


That’s what most runners say when asked about muscle cramp prevention.  Bananas always top the list of best “anti-muscle cramp foods” and the magnesium source for runners.

But, actually, they aren’t such a rich source of magnesium, as one might assume.  They only contain 30mg of magnesium per 100g.

magnesium sources

We researched the best, natural magnesium sources to cover your daily need of approximately 350mg to combat fatigue and muscle cramps.

Check out the top 10* magnesium sources for runners:

  • Wheat bran (490mg)
  • Sunflower seeds (420mg)
  • Pumpkin seeds (402mg)
  • Sesame seeds (347mg)
  • Poppy seeds (333mg)
  • Amaranth (308mg)
  • Cashews (270mg)
  • Soy beans (220mg)
  • White kidney beans (140mg)
  • Chickpeas (130mg)

*per 100g

Here are some ideas for all of you on how to incorporate magnesium rich foods into your everyday diet: add a bit of wheat bran to your granola, have a handful of white kidney beans in your salad or as a side to your lunch, nibble on some cashews as a mid-afternoon snack or have a whole grain bun with pumpkin seeds for dinner.

30% of the magnesium (in our body) is stored in our muscles. A sufficient magnesium supply is vital to staying fit.  Physical activity might lead to a magnesium imbalance in your body, which can promote a tendency to experience cramps.  However, it is yet to be proven that a lack of magnesium alone is responsible for cramps.

Do you want to avoid cramps?  Play it safe by taking in enough sources of magnesium and by following these rules:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Adopt a balanced diet
  • Take time to rest
  • Slowly increase your training efforts
  • Stretch on a regular basis

What’s your strategy to avoid cramps? We want to hear your tips.


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