Learn How To Make Fitness Fun

Did you ever have chores when you were younger? Take out the trash, clean your room, walk the dog, do your homework. I know I did. My mom always made sure that I was completing tasks to help out and I hated every minute of it. Not because it was hard or took a lot of time, but because it was something that I had to do, not what I wanted to do.

During my fitness and health journey, I have realized the value in altering my mindset to see workouts and healthy eating as something I want to do- not as a chore.  If you choose to identify yourself with fitness, instead of dragging it along like a heavy sandbag with a frown on your face, it changes everything and can make fitness fun. When you learn to appreciate the benefits of your workout (improved mood, reduced stress, sexy muscle tone, etc.), instead of repetitively thinking that you don’t want to do it, you reap so much more both physically and mentally.

Lunden Souza

Not everyone has to, or should, train like a bodybuilder or a bikini model.  But to unleash your fullest potential, you have to put a conscious effort into your physical activity and nutrition- bottom line. The more mindful you are of your health the more productive you are at work, the more energy you have to chase after the kids, the better you feel about yourself internally and externally and the more mentally focused you can be across the board. What about that sounds like an unappealing chore?

An important fact to realize is that your mind plays a large part in your success. If you have a negative mindset when it comes to health and fitness, your workouts will be unpleasant, long, boring, tedious and definitely less effective. Your attempt at nutritious food choices will be uninteresting, tasteless, disgusting “rabbit food” and preparing it will feel like a chore.  If you are positive, affirmative, excited, eager and inspired to take your health and fitness to new heights, you will learn to appreciate all that sound nutrition and physical activity has to offer you. You will want to get stronger, healthier, more flexible, more agile, etc. You will want to be a better you.

To see improvement you have to practice. Practice getting excited about your fitness and health and it will become as easy as riding a bike. Practice taking time to learn a new recipe or two each month and meal prep will become a breeze. Practice looking at yourself in the mirror and feeling accomplished and robust, because any day that you can wake up and move, fuel and love your body is GREAT day.




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