Marathon Prep: Runtastic’s Founders Leading by Example

Image of Runtastic’s founders.

Runtastic’s founders Alfred, Christian, Florian and René are planning to prove their passion for running this April: They are getting ready to run in both the Linz Marathon and the Vienna City Marathon. While Christian has opted for the half marathon in Linz, Florian will run the quarter marathon in Linz and participate in the relay marathon at the Vienna City Marathon. Alfred and René, on the other hand, are currently preparing for the relay marathon at the Vienna Marathon.

We spoke with the founders in the lead-up to the races about race preparation, nutrition and motivation. We also asked them how they plan to reward themselves after the races.

Image of Runtastic’s founders.

René and Alfred, where do you get your motivation from?
René: To be honest, I do it for fun. (Laughs)

Alfred: Yeah, it’s the same for me too… Plus, it is always a fantastic team event!

How do you prepare for a race?
René: Well, I’ll get started in the next five weeks!

Alfred: Yeah, you better get a move on. (Laughs) I use the Runtastic bodyweight training plan to get ready: The Results app is really a great addition to my run training because it not only boosts your conditioning, but it also strengthens your entire body.

Christian, what is it like for you? Especially in terms of your diet before a marathon?
Christian: I work out two to three times a week, with at least one interval training. In terms of my diet, I pretty much eat as I always do.

Florian, do you change anything about your eating habits before the big day?
Florian: I don’t actually try to change much, but I definitely eat healthier before a race. Normally, I love to eat meat, but before a marathon I steer clear of it.

Good tip! What does your pre-marathon breakfast look like?
Florian: In the morning, I only eat white bread with honey because it is full of carbs. I want to build up my energy reserves before the race.

Mhm, white bread with honey – sounds yummy!

Let’s talk about your goals: What times do you want to run?
Christian: My goal is a time of 1:35 for the half marathon.

Florian: Wow, that would be awesome! I want to run a new PB in the quarter marathon. I need to beat 44:00 min and run a pace of sub-4:11 per km. That is going to be pretty tough for me!

René: OK, my goal is not quite so ambitious. (Laughs)

And that would be?
René: I want to run a pace of 4:30 per km.

Alfred, what does your pace look like?
Alfred: My goal is a pace of 4:45 per km. Compared with my colleagues I might be able to squeeze in a little sightseeing too. (Laughs)

Image of the Linz marathon.

Seeing as you all come from Upper Austria, what do you think is special about the Linz Marathon?
Christian: Part of the course runs through the Donaulände Park – this area is really beautiful! I always enjoy running along the Danube in my free time. So I know the route really well.

Florian: Yeah, and there is always a great atmosphere at the Linz Marathon: The last part of the race is down Landstraße, the main street of Linz, and the finish line is on Hauptplatz, the main square. There are always so many people cheering you on – the feeling is indescribable!

How do you plan to reward yourselves after the race?
René: I won’t really reward myself because I am running the shortest part of the relay… My next challenge – the Spartan Race – takes place just one week later. My reward is thus to focus on this race.

Christian: My reward is a beer in the finish area. And, of course, a tasty dessert later on. (Laughs)

Alfred: Yeah, good food is always important. (Laughs) I plan to spend the rest of the day in Vienna relaxing and enjoying myself.

And Florian, what about you?
Florian: Whew, good question… I will probably treat myself to a beer and some good food too. Oh yeah, and of course I will also receive a digital Runtastic badge in my app after the race. (Laughs)

We wish our founders all the best for their upcoming races!


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