Marathoner Günther Weidlinger on his final days before competing in the London Olympic Games

With the Olympics here and the Men’s Marathon on August 12 only 8 days away, we interviewed marathoner Günther Weidlinger, who has been training in St. Moritz, Switzerland before arriving in London to run the Olympic marathon.

Günther Weidlinger
Günther Weidlinger


Here are some highlights of our interview with Günther:

Günther, how are you feeling now that Olympics are here and your race is in 8 days?

Thanks for asking, I am feeling great at the moment. The training is going quite well, and I am excited about every session and of course the race.

Why did you choose to train in St.Moritz, what is so special about this location?

St. Moritz has the perfect conditions for endurance athletes. The plateau is perfect for long endurance runs and the surroundings make every training an amazing experience. Running tracks, paved streets and gravel roads in combination with the mountains and a swimming pool with sauna… what else does an athlete need!?   

How many training sessions have you been doing a week?

I have been training about 12 times per week; that is around 800 km. In the morning I do mostly longer or faster trainings; then in the afternoon I do easier runs.   

What is the moment when a person can say that they are in good condition?

You recognize it during the training. When the legs are fine during the hardest training sessions and the heart rate is moving in the correct way, then I know that I am going to reach my goals in London. Of course there are good and bad days. Good days don’t go unnoticed, bad days will be quickly forgotten.

Günther, thanks a lot for your time and all the best for your big race!  We look forward to following you during the marathon and watching you achieve your best marathon time yet!

 runtastics, Günther will be running LIVE with runtastic thanks to the LIVE tracking function, stay tuned to our Facebook fan page and cheer him on! He will be excited to receive all your encouragement!




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