Meet runtastic fanatic Sabrina

Sabrina after completing a 5K Mud Run in Sonona, CA

Name: Sabrina
Age: 23
Location: San Francisco, CA
Favorite Sport to Play: Volleyball
Favorite Sport to Watch: College football
Most Embarrassing Athletic Moment: In a high school basketball game, I ran out with my shorts on backwards and didn’t realize it until after I had been introduced and the game had started.
Proudest Athletic Moment: Completing my first half marathon!

When I moved to San Francisco from the East Coast last summer, I vowed to make the city my own. I wanted to explore every nook and cranny, every crevice, every block. I wanted to be a local.

I’ve always been active – from intramural volleyball to pick-up tennis matches to playing in an organized kickball league. But it became obvious that fitness is part of the culture in my new city. The Embarcadero is always packed with joggers, and biking the Golden Gate Bridge is at the top of every tourist’s to-do list (which I did, of course!). Since moving here, I’ve taken my first hot yoga class, hiked the trails of the nearby Redwood Forest, and even tried rock-climbing.

When a friend asked if I’d train for a half marathon with her, I was a little skeptical. I wasn’t a regular runner. But, I thought, what better way is there to explore the city and do as the locals do? So, I signed up and worked my way through the rigorous training schedule.

During some runs I felt like I was on top of the world. And breathing in the smell of eucalyptus in Golden Gate Park, touching down at the Pacific Ocean, or exploring new neighborhoods made long runs even better. But other days, the steep inclines of my notoriously hilly city got the best of me.

Nevertheless, I became a runner. Race day solidified that! Since my first half marathon in April, I’ve gone “Race Crazy!” I enlisted my friends to enter a lottery to for a women’s Half Marathon in October. When we were accepted, I promptly signed up for training races along the way, including a Mud Factor 5K, the San Francisco Half Marathon, the Giant Race 10K and Race for the Cure.

I’ve stepped up my training and now use runtastic to keep track of every run on my training schedule. If it’s not in my runtastic activity log, it didn’t happen! I love that I can see an exact map of where I’ve been – if I ran past a restaurant or shop I wanted to come back to later, the map feature makes it easy to remember its general location. Thanks to runtastic for a great app that’s helped me explore my city and become a runner.


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