More Strength Through Clever Planning (Plus: Our Tips for Illness)

Strengthening your muscles not only transforms your body, but it also improves your race performance. Do you already have a fitness routine and are looking for an additional challenge? Great! We can help you not only to improve your race performance, but we can also provide you with tips and tricks to make your workouts more effective.

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Reach your goal more effectively by planning your week
Planning your training helps you reach your goal more effectively, that’s for sure. If you are thinking about doing three training sessions, it is pretty easy to spread them out over the week. But if you also have to work in other sessions, other content (besides strength training, also running, swimming or cycling) or other races, then a week no longer seems so long. That’s when you need good time management. Take a few minutes over the weekend to plan the coming week: What workouts are on the agenda for the week? Think of the best way to divide your training sessions over the week. Treat yourself to a rest day once in a while and enjoy doing nothing. Instead of scheduling several intense sessions in a row, try varying intensities throughout the week. If you have more than one sports activity planned for a day, then follow this rule: speed before strength and endurance. You can also incorporate this order into your weekly planning and start the week off well-rested with a speed workout.

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Sometimes your body needs a rest
Ambitious people don’t like taking breaks. But sometimes less is more – a saying that also applies to your training. Instead of squeezing in an extra workout, it might be smarter to take a day off. There is no place for excessive ambition, especially in the case of illness and injury. Pain is the body’s way of sending important alarm signals. Do you feel a twinge in your knee, or does pain appear suddenly after your workout? What we experience as pain might be our body’s way of telling us that we are overdoing it and that it can’t go on this way much longer. You need to cut back on your training or take a day off. If you feel a slight pain before your workout, see if it goes away by warming up. Intense workouts can often be felt on the next day, but warming up can make the pain go away.

Working out when sick – yes or no?
You are in great shape, have stuck to your training plan, have sacrificed a lot – and then there they are: a runny nose and joint pain. Wow, they really got you in their grips! There’s not much harm in training with a slight cold, but in the case of the flu, it can really be a health hazard. If you stress your cardiovascular system when you have a fever, you run the risk of myocarditis, a dangerous inflammation of the heart muscle. It’s not worth the risk! Take a break from your training. You should take one rest day for each day you had a fever. Don’t try to desperately catch up on missed sessions – that’s the best way to end up needing the next break. After an illness or an injury, you should start back nice and slow and increase the intensity of your workouts slowly.

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What’s the best way to combine strength training and competition?
Every race is an exceptional situation that pushes your body to its limits. If you are specifically preparing for a race, you must adapt and reduce your strength training accordingly during the race preparation phase. Rest and appropriate tapering periods are necessary to get you in race shape. High-intensity strength training in combination with marathon preparation doesn’t make much sense. But the days after a race are just as important as those before. After a hard race, treat your body to some rest and recovery. How long you should cut back on the intensity of your training depends on your physical condition and the race. Have you just run your first marathon? Then your body requires more time to recover than someone who has been running for 20 years. But recovery doesn’t necessarily mean putting your feet up and doing nothing. Lower the intensity of your workout and treat your body to some extra sleep. This improves regeneration.

Was everything going great until something unexpected suddenly threw your training plan out of whack? We’d love to hear your story!

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