Does a Pre-Party Pump or a Pre-Date Workout Really Make a Difference?

Mario Schafzahl trainer

by Mario Schafzahl, Personal Trainer & Fitness Model

You’re going out tonight and want to look your best. Choosing the outfit is just one part of the preparation. You also want your muscles to show, so you are wondering…

Will a good “muscle pump” workout before a party or a date make a noticeable difference in how you look?

Here’s what you should know…

Mario Scahfzahl going to do a workout before going out

What is a muscle “pump”?

During strength workouts muscles must contract repeatedly. This causes swelling in the muscles, which is commonly referred to as a “muscle pump”. What is happening when you do this? The muscles are accumulating blood and water to support the increased metabolic needs. The swelling of the muscles then constricts the surrounding veins. As a result, even more blood gets stuck in the area and you get the “pumped” look.

Model Mario Schafzahl doing crunches

How long will the “pump” last?

The duration of the “pump” is individual and will also depend on the type of workout and how your body responds to it. However, in any case, the effects will likely diminish in 30 minutes or so (less than an hour). So, unless your gym is right next to the club, you will be too late to show it off 🙂

Does the “pump” make your muscles grow?

You can get a pump from doing 50 Push-ups in a row. But it won’t be enough to make your muscles grow long term. The “pump” is just one of the mechanisms that contributes to muscle growth and can’t be relied on as your sole workout.

Here’s what you should do if you want to build muscles…

What to do if you want to look bigger?

Unfortunately, the small changes that you get from a short-term pump are only noticeable for you, not everyone else. If you really want to look bigger, you need to learn more about muscle building and put on muscle mass. Commit yourself to a training plan. Only constant progression in load can make your muscles grow.

What does it really take to look like a fitness model?

“It takes years of progressive and continuous training to see results like that. I’ve been training for more than 10 years. I do martial arts, strength training, cardio, and also other sports like snowboarding. I don’t have time off when I just let everything go for weeks; my body is a result of my lifestyle – it’s what you do everyday that counts.”

Mario Schafzahl doing Push-ups

What are the actual benefits of working out before going out?

Even if the immediate effects of a “muscle pump” don’t last long enough to impress your date, there are still reasons why you should do a workout before going out.

Top benefits of working out before going out:

  • Better posture: the muscle tone that you get from a balanced workout will help you stand upright with better posture.
  • More confidence: you will do something good for yourself and you will feel it. Every workout is one step towards becoming the best version of yourself. This is the vibe that you want to give off.
  • Increased energy: the post-workout high will help you change gears from the rest of the day and energize you for new social activities.

Keep in mind:

Don’t push too hard, otherwise you will be sore and tired, instead of ready to party.

About Mario Schafzahl:

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Mario Schafzahl is a personal trainer and has been a fitness model for years. His fitness experience comes from karate, where he was a member of the Austrian National Team. Find out more on his website (German only) and follow him on Instagram!


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