It’s National Lasagna Day

Today is National Lasagna Day (Honest!) and, as an Italian girl who loves to cook, I must say I am really excited. If you’re a foodie, lasagna is so delicious to eat and if you enjoy cooking, layering this dish and evenly dispersing all ingredients is quite enjoyable as well. Am I getting a little bit too excited? Maybe.

The problem with National Lasagna Day is that it is in the middle of July. When I think of a warm and filling pasta dish, like lasagna, I would prefer eating it during the winter months when it’s really cold outside. Today I have a delicious, less filling, low carb lasagna recipe for you made with zucchini instead of noodles. Now don’t get me wrong, I am definitely not anti-carb at all, but during the summer months I definitely prefer a lighter dish, especially in the evening. So if you’re like me and want your Italian fix often without feeling completely stuffed afterwards, then I have a great alternative for you. Beyond the carb discussion, it’s insanely delicious!

Zucchini Lasagna

1. First you are going to want to make your sauce: Of course you can warm it up as is straight from the jar, or you can doctor it up a little bit like I do. Start with 2 jars of sauce as your base (I use the spicy variety but feel free to use whichever flavor you prefer). I add fresh garlic, ground pepper, parsley, chives, onion, mushrooms, diced bell peppers & Swiss chard to my sauce and let it simmer while I am prepping the rest of the ingredients. When you let your sauce sit and simmer, the flavors come alive and it tastes much better. You can also add a splash of your favorite red wine (a trick I learned from my grandmother) or some browned ground meat (beef, chicken, turkey, etc.) if you would like to have a Bolognese sauce.

Zuccini Lasagna

2. Next you will need to prepare the zucchini “noodles.” Wash off the zucchini really well and then, using a potato peeler, peel the zucchini into strips. You will have to peel on both sides of the zucchini to get its entirety.

Lasagna Day Image 3Lasagna Day Image 4

3. Then you layer: Zucchini noodles, sauce, cheese, repeat. You can use mozzarella, parmesian and/or ricotta cheese. I put a little bit of sauce at the bottom of the pan as a “non-stick” buffer (another trick I learned from my Grandmother).

National Lasagna Day ZucciniNational Lasagna Day

4. Lastly, put it into the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (190 Celcius) for 20-25 minutes. You are basically just waiting for the cheese to melt & the zucchini to soften up a bit.

5. Enjoy!

Zuccini Lasagna Recipe





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