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We at Runtastic feel it is very important to listen and respond to our users’ concerns. Often, the same questions keep popping up. And that is why we have now put together a short post with answers to the most commonly asked questions. Maybe you’ve already asked yourself a question like why does my GPS sometimes not work? Or I’m not sure if my smartwatch is compatible with the adidas Running app? Or when should I rest during an adidas Training workout? Below you will find the answers to these and many more questions.

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Why am I having problems with my GPS?”
This can be due to a number of reasons. Sometimes, problems occur when the GPS signal is delayed or blocked. Smartphones also vary greatly in terms of the quality of their GPS receivers and antennas. This means that there can be big differences in measurement between devices. The challenge for apps like Runtastic is to calculate the route run from many pieces of data, some of which are inaccurate or incomplete.
Google Maps, for instance, can draw on real-time GPS satellite data to determine your current position accurately. It can also use Wi-Fi networks in the area to improve the result. Navigation apps rely on existing data about the streets and trails you are on. In the case of running or mountain biking, you sometimes want to run off road, or create your own path through the trees and bushes. That is why we don’t want to map your route onto fixed roads and trails. If we did that, then we wouldn’t be able to track, say, a run through the woods any longer.

Due to the vast number of different smartphones as well as the wide range of factors that can influence GPS reception, it is not always possible for us to fix GPS problems instantly. We are doing our best to remedy the situation, and we would like to kindly ask you for your patience and understanding that it sometimes takes a while to solve the problem.

How does LIVE Tracking work?”
When you activate LIVE Tracking in your app, your friends can follow your activities in real time. They can see where you are currently riding your bike, or what route you are running today. They can also keep your motivation up by sending you cheers.

  • Runtastic account: You must log in to your Runtastic account to send or receive cheers. Your friends also have to log in if they want to participate in LIVE Tracking.
  • Your friends in the Runtastic app: Reaching your goals is better together. Add your friends in your Runtastic app for Android or iOS.
  • Enable or disable: You can enable or disable LIVE Tracking directly in your Runtastic app for Android and iOS.
  • Notifications: When one of your friends is active, you receive a notification on your phone. That way you can cheer him or her on while he or she is exercising. If you don’t want to receive this information, open the app, go to Settings, open “Notifications” and select when you would like to receive a notification.

What feedback does the Voice Coach give during interval training in the Runtastic app?”
The feedback you receive depends on whether you are using the adidas Running app on an Android or iOS phone. In the iOS app, the app tells you when it is time for the next zone. In the Android version, the Voice Coach also tells you if you are running too fast or too slow. In the Runtastic app, you can choose between one of the preset intervals or create your own workout. You adjust the warm-up, cool-down and the number, duration and intensity of the intervals to meet your needs.

Screenshot Runtastic App IntervalsScreenshot Runtastic App IntervalsScreenshot Runtastic App Intervals

Why can’t I see the route map on Facebook?”
There can be several reasons for this:

  • Currently, maps are not shown in the Facebook app on Android phones. You can only see them in the browser.
  • Did you go for a ride around on your inline skates? Unfortunately, maps for this activity also can’t be shown. They work for running, walking, cycling, hiking and Nordic walking.

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“Can I combine several activities into one?”
You went hiking and split the ascent and descent into two different activities? Unfortunately, you cannot combine the two activities into one after the fact. The best thing to do in a similar situation is to hit “Pause” when you reach the peak. When you are ready to head back down, you can just resume the activity. That way you have both routes and the total distance and duration in one activity.

“Why do some workouts in the adidas Training app include rests and others do not?”
This is because they are different types of workouts. You need a varied workout routine to build muscle and reduce body fat. Depending on how fit you are, the rest periods will get shorter week after week. For workouts without any planned rests, you should go at your own pace. Give it your all, but take breaks when you need them.

I have bought a Premium Membership in the adidas Training app, but I still can’t enjoy the benefits of it.”
Sometimes it takes a few days before the membership is available in your app. The problem is not on our end, but nevertheless we have a solution for you: Go to Settings, open “Runtastic”, and click “Restore purchase”. You should now have full access to your Premium Membership.

What smartwatches are compatible with the adidas Running app?”
Providing the best possible user experience is very important to us. Adapting the app for each individual user would mean a lot of extra work for the company. That is why we focus on manufacturer-independent standards – like Android Wear – that run on many smartwatches and that is also why we unfortunately can no longer support Samsung smartwatches.

Are you dying to ask another question? Then simply contact our Support Team. Runtastic is your training partner for numerous fitness activities.


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