Never say never

Hi! My name is Victor, I am 25 years old, and I consider myself a sportsman and a fighter.

Before my accident, sport had always been present in my life. But, everything changed in 2005 when I suffered an accident playing in a pool. I hit the bottom with my head and from that moment, my body was motionless. Those seconds, motionless under the water, were an eternity for me. The only thing in my mind was the great will to breath again and to live. I felt great distress, because no muscles were responding.

In that moment I totally broke down, I started to cry and to think of all the things I hadn’t done because of laziness. I thought of all that moments that I told myself “I will have time, some other time.” While all those thoughts were going through my mind, and there was nothing else but tears running down my cheeks, I promised myself that if I could walk again, I would never give up. I promised I would undertake new challenges and I wouldn´t let myself become stagnant.

In that moment, I promised that if I could walk again I would do the Way of St. James every year so long as my body and means would allow me.

Viktor beim Biken

After the operation and my recovery, it was time to go. From that moment, I started fighting and little by little I started to recover the motion in some parts of my body. I went through several phases: wheel chair, walker, crutches, etc. Due to the inability to do exercise, I weighed 102 kilos, with a height of 1.74 meters.

It is then when you realize how simple things, such as the feeling of passing over carpet on the floor, can be a great obstacle and/or goal for some people.

Everything changed the day my doctors said: “You can do all the sport you want.” From that moment, I began to tackle personal challenges in order to overcome the remaining obstacles.

In the search for motivation and personal growth, I began to engage in sports again. Shortly thereafter, I started with solid nutrition and soon weighed 90 kilos. I then started rowing, and after a lot of training I weighed 69 kilos – the weight that I have maintained until this day.

During the last three years, I have trained to compete with my mates in the top rowing category in Galicia, and in my free time I go running or biking. I also kept my promise and until now I have always completed the Way of St. James. I fight with my soul to get what I want. The more adverse or difficult the situation is, the more motivation I have. I always face the fear and reach my objectives.

Viktor vor der Kathedrale Santiago

This motivation led me to the Titan Desert, an epic international mountain bike marathon. With the help of adidas Running I completed my biking trainings, which helped me improve and increase my endurance.

With the adidas Running app, I have the support I need for route I complete. The best feature is its versatility for every terrain and training. It helps me to control my status, my partial numbers, and the route. It is great to plan the next routes I will complete and to be aware of my physical condition in the different stages of the mountain. At the moment, I go to the gym four days a week and I bike three. Sometimes I even double some trainings! As the Titan Desert day comes closer, I will continue biking more often.


We admire the achievements and courage of Victor and wish him continued strength in its activities and much fun!



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