New runtastic Android app available – Finally time has come!

New design, new interface, new features – developed totally from scratch. The brand new Android app shines with a new design and impresses with a more intelligent user interface. Our Android developers have spent the last few weeks, day and night programming the app to improve and enhance the usability and performance as compared to the previous version.The graphic design has been specially designed for Android but it is not just the design that has been updated. The whole user interface has been revolutionized.

In addition to the existing and well known functions, many new features are implemented. The integration of a music player, a customizable dashboard and the display of the weather conditions are a few of the new features. The tracking of sports activities with the new runtastic Android app is now easier and will help take your fitness to a new level. With years of experience, the runtastic Android team decided to develop a completely new app. The developers focused on stability, user friendliness and reliability.They have also integrated live streaming to the runtastic fitness site (, where users can be cheered on.

Feature highlights of the new runtastic Android App

– Customizable session metrics on the main screen (pace, speed, altitude, and more…)

– Weather info

– Music player integration

– Overall statistics during the activity

– Grouping of the statistics by time frame (months)

– Ability to change settings during the session (eg. voice feedback)

– Customizable split-tables

– New navigation concept + action bar

Wishing you great fun with the new Android app!



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