New runtastic Android Update 3.0.1 available

The new runtastic Android Update 3.0.1 is now available in the Android Market. In this update the following problems have been solved:

* GPS issues on Android 4.0 (e.g. Galaxy Nexus)
* Crashes after starting a Live Tracking activity
* Crashes after login
* All PRO features are activated if promotion code is entered (enter promotion code again)

In our next update this problem will be solved:
* Bug fix for snatchy voice feedback on some devices

If you should notice other problems which have not been solved in this or any other of the following updates we would be thankful if you could report the problem in our runtastic support area. You can get to our support area here:


The new update should solve all existing known bugs and we would be very happy if you would positively rate our app in the Android Market. If you already did a negative rating but now like the app it would be great if you could correct your rating to a better one. Our Android developer team works really hard to offer more stability and quality and together we can share the runtastic spirit to all other Android users.

Wishing you great fun with the new runtastic app version.



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