New Runtastic Logo, Same Awesome Us (Yes – That Includes You!)

New Runtastic Logo

Just as your fitness journey is dynamic, so are we here at Runtastic. Just as you learn new things, make adjustments and perhaps even switch directions – same here! Runtastic is now seven years old, always growing and rapidly changing. Our goal is not only to make the best health & fitness apps on the market, but to create a brand identity that is solid, relatable and, of course, visually appealing.

We are very proud to reveal, after incredible efforts on the part of our design team, our brand new logo.

New Runtastic Logo

At Runtastic, one of our seven core values is to “Strive for Excellence” in everything we create and bring out into the world for our users – logo included! Our logo should give you the feeling of Runtastic and should convey our vision in just a glance. We’ve also made a point of creating a logo comprised of four major elements, which represent the four strategic fields of health and fitness through which we will work to best serve you in the months and years to come – Daily Habits, Cardio, Strength and Nutrition.

Runtastic strategic fields

Why? Because we know that while running and bodyweight training are important, to really become your best, most confident self, you also need to make adequate time for sleep, recovery and healthy eating habits!

Runtastic logo vision

And so, as we look eagerly and confidently into the future, let’s also take a second to glance into the past at some of our previous logos. It’s amazing how they have improved and evolved over the years in the same way we have as a company, team and ever-growing Runtastic Community. We’ve come a long way – wouldn’t you say? We couldn’t be more proud of ourselves and you all and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store! #strongertogether

Image of old Runtastic logos.

Image of new Runtastic logo.

So what do you think of our new logo? We would love to hear about it in the comments below!



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