Consider Change in 2020: New Year, New Role?

By Shona Mulligan, Talent Scout at Runtastic

As the clock strikes 12, we party our way in 2020 and start to reflect on the year just gone. For many, it’s a time to celebrate new beginnings and wonder what might be in store for the year to come. New year, new me? This must sound familiar, plenty of us are guilty of promising ourselves that this year we will achieve the goals we swore we would accomplish in 2019. In order to give all of yourself to your goals this year, first it’s important to truly understand the positive impact change can have, no matter how big or small, on your life. At Runtastic, we embraced change and faced challenging times with positivity, finishing 2019 on a high. Once you realize how beneficial change can be, it’ll be a hell of a lot easier to push through when your motivation is low or when you’re facing challenging times.

Perhaps many of us have already started working on our personal goals, but what about our professional goals? Do you dream of having more responsibility or more exciting tasks in your day-to-day role? Change things up! Change can be just as beneficial in our professional life as it can in our personal life. Perhaps 2020 is the year to focus on your professional development?

Ensure you take time to first reflect on where you are currently and think about where you would like to be this time next year – what needs to change in order to achieve your professional goals? Does your company have career development options in place to allow you to change your role? What training can you do to improve your skills? Should you network more? These are the important questions to ask when thinking about change. 

Reach out to your manager or your HR department to find out how you can change your role at your current company. Take time to create a plan detailing how you can achieve these changes, whether it’s taking on more responsibility or changing your role completely. Making changes in our professional life will help us to grow further, open us up to many different opportunities and will allow us to gain different perspectives.

Before you plan, execute, and achieve your professional goals for this year, check out our top 5 benefits of change.


1. Change helps you grow

We all have our comfort zones, routines, and habits. Sometimes life can seem easier when we spend most of our time in this bubble. Doing things the same way every day may seem like a convenient way of getting things done, however, by doing things this way we are restricting ourselves, especially our personal growth. In order to grow, we need to jump out of our comfort zones and embrace change with open arms. The more open we are to change, the more likely we are to learn new things, develop our current skills, and invest more time in things we want to do. Celebrating change can allow you to grow on many personal levels, how far you grow is up to you!

2. Change creates room for opportunities

Shaking up the status-quo and accepting change will open many doors. As we open ourselves up to change, we also open ourselves up to more opportunities. This allows us to dive more fully and fearlessly into life and experience everything life has to offer; we no longer shy away from new experiences out of fear or resistance to change. Change allows us to experience more (and even have more fun!). At Runtastic, we are agents of change and we encourage change in order to make positive impacts all over the world.

3. Change makes you more flexible and adaptable

Being open to change doesn’t happen overnight; it can be quite scary and can take certain adjustments to fully allow change into your life. Each time we rise to a challenge and adjust successfully to a change, we learn how to be more adaptable each and every time. Flexibility and adaptability are traits that can benefit our personal and professional lives, allowing us to face challenging situations with an adaptable mindset, meaning we are ready for whatever impediments stand in the way of achieving our goals.

4. Change gives us a fresh perspective

With change comes new experiences! New experiences allow us to see things for the first time with fresh eyes; full of curiosity and questions. This allows us to change how we approach thinking about certain situations, experiences, people…the list goes on. Once we gain this fresh perspective we can reflect on past experiences and perhaps gain different insights into situations and ourselves.

5. Change makes you resistant

Change is inevitable and sometimes can be abrupt, unexpected, and difficult to digest. At times change puts us to the test. However, once we learn to embrace change in our day-to-day lives, facing change in difficult times will become easier and we will be more likely to succeed. The more resilient we are when faced with difficult changes, the stronger we become in the end!

Ready for Change? 

Sometimes however, bigger changes are needed to achieve our goals, and at times it turns out that your current employer’s culture and opportunities won’t fit with what’s important to you and your career development. Before you decide to jump ship and start a new adventure with a new company, it’s important to research the company in detail – will this new company help me achieve my professional goals? Is there employee training available? Is there a culture of embracing change? Did you answer “yes” to these questions? Maybe we are the change you are looking for in 2020 – check out our career website where you can find more information on what it’s like to work at Runtastic.


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