NEW: Your Fitness Activities Now Also in the Jawbone App

Starting today, your favorite app for running and fitness is also integrated into the UP by Jawbone app. The September 24 update to the latest Runtastic version now enables you to see your completed fitness activities directly in your Jawbone app. UP by Jawbone helps its users discover their personal behavior patterns so they can make better health decisions based on the data recorded. The Jawbone fitness tracker allows you to track your daily activity and thus better understand how you sleep, how much you move and what you eat, so ultimately you can lead a better and healthier life.

Up by Jawbone and Runtastic

If you are a passionate Runtastic user, but you don’t want to do without your Jawbone, finally there is a solution. Runtastic and the UP by Jawbone app now appear in each other’s list of partner apps directly in the respective app as well as on the Web.

How it works

Open your Runtastic app or visit, sign in with your user name and password and then get started.

Connect via the app

In the app settings, go to Partner Accounts and select the Jawbone UP app to synchronize your accounts. Then open the settings of your Jawbone app – you can also add the Runtastic app here.

Jawbone app

Connect via the Web

Visit and sign into your Runtastic account. Select the “Settings” menu item and then “Social Connect.” Click on the “Connect” button to the right of the Jawbone UP logo to synchronize your two accounts.


Now all the activities that you track with your Runtastic app will automatically be displayed in the newsfeed of the Jawbone app. It looks like this:


Your benefits

Use your favorite fitness app together with your Jawbone UP

  • All your data at a glance: See your fitness activities from Runtastic also in the news feed of the Jawbone app
  • More info: Makes your activity tracking that more detailed. The additional data helps you get a better idea of how much you move a day, how many calories you have burned and what distances you have covered.
  • Achieve your goals: The more you know about your daily habits, the easier it is for you to change your behavior to fit the lifestyle you desire. Nothing stands in the way now of your dream of a more active and healthy daily life. So what are you waiting for? Get started doing a Runtastic activity – we will stand by your side, we promise!



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