Norman Bücher: The Extreme Runner and Lecturer

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Motivational expert and lecturer, Norman Bücher is an extreme runner with a passion. The adventurer dominates extreme sport challenges and contests, including the toughest marathons in the world.

At 22 he ran his first marathon, a year later the Biel 100 km. As a 29 year old, he successfully completed the toughest and most demanding extreme mountain race in Europe, the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, which is an astounding 166 km long with 9,400 vertical meters! He has crossed the Atacama Desert in Chile, successfully participated in a 100 mile race in the Himalayas, and completed the Jungle Marathon in Brazil. A major challenge was the successful crossing of the Australian Outback, a total of 1,120 kilometers in two weeks, in May 2012. And, in October 2012, he successfully completed the Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon in South Africa.

Ueber Grenzen laufen Nepal 3 Kamera 2-27

But, Norman Bücher is more than just a runner. The author of four books has also taught at the School of Business and the Environment in Nürtingen (Germany). As a graduate in business administration and sports marketing management, Norman’s books contain sound business content. He has worked extensively abroad, and for a variety of different consulting firms over the years. Today, in addition to his athletic endeavors, he combines his years of extreme sports experience with his business know-how as rousing and motivational keynote speaker.

His life motto, “Break your limits,” certainly applies to both business and sports situations!



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