Track & Manually Log All Your Activities With Runtastic

The Runtastic app offers an extensive list of sport types that may be tracked. While this includes all the classics like running, walking and biking, you will also find some which may be a bit more exotic. While you could use the phone with all of them during your workout, some of them are not based on distance, but instead utilize the duration of the training to calculate your calorie output and dehydration for example.

We have poured all our expertise into each and every sport type to offer you the most accurate results, based on your body composition, gender and age, allowing you to include all your activities in your training history for a complete picture. An additional benefits is that you simply need to select the activity, hit start and get moving – we take care of the rest for you.

You did not track your workout? No problem!

Some may not want to take their phone with them on a run, or while speeding down a forest path during a downhill biking session. Others simply forgot their smartphone, but still want the ability to enter a strength training session after you get your hands on your phone again.

For all of these use cases, we offer the ability to enter an activity manually. We also offer such a functionality for numerous other apps. For help on these, take a look at our Runtastic Help Center section.

To do so, simply open the Runtastic app and select History in the drawer menu. Inside this screen look for the plus symbol to open up the input form.


Here, we allow you to select every element required to create a complete data set to store in your history with the exception of GPS data – just as if you are doing an activity in real time. You may select a sport type, the duration, distance if applicable and the specific start time. You may even edit the calorie output, but we just go ahead and calculate this for you on the fly to eliminate any guesswork.


After entering all the core data, you will see the same additional information screen as you are used to from a real time activity, where you can add a picture, select your mood, surface and even enter heart rate alongside weather data. Once you have done so, hit finish and you will see your activity show up in your history alongside all your other activity.

Don’t have a smartphone?

Even if you do not have a Smartphone, but want to track your activities, you may enter these manually through our website in the same fashion. Simply sign up on and look for the new activity button right below your user name in the top left corner.

With so many ways to keep an eye on your training and progress, there is no excuse not to exercise. So, download the Runtastic app or sign up on today!


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