Streamline Fitness Efforts With Runtastic & Now Cards Up Your Sleeve

Now cards in the Google app can give you the information you need, before you’ve even asked for it. They have a way of appearing with practical information just when you need it. If you have the Google app, you’ll already be familiar with Now cards. If you’re not using Now cards in the Google app, then you’re probably still opening loads of apps and web pages to find out what you need to know. Ready for a change?

The helpful cards appear with useful information like the current status of a flight you’re taking and when to leave so you don’t miss it; tickets and boarding passes; reminders for events you’re attending and the best way to get there; how long it will take to get home; the score of your favorite team when they’re playing; and much, much more! You can see Now cards by tapping the Google app on your Android phone.

But what does that mean for Runtastic? Well Runtastic is proud to share, we’re a Now cards launch partner and information from your Runtastic and Me apps will appear as cards moving forward!
The kind of Now cards you can expect to see from Runtastic include a monthly breakdown of how far you walked, ran and cycled. As well as cards informing you of how much further you need to run to beat last month’s total distance. The Now cards that contain information from the Me app will include total number of steps taken during the week, daily step average for that week and a comparison to the previous week. You may also find yourself getting a fixed bed time again! If you’ve been skipping on proper sleep, then a Now card will appear, providing you with a suggestion for when to go to bed (which is based on the time of your alarm). Please note, we’re able to determine the information that gets shown, but not when it gets shown.

What’s the point? The integration with Now cards is designed to help you live a healthier lifestyle, whether that’s getting feedback on how active you’ve been, how close your are to smashing your records or just a reminder of getting some good quality sleep!

To help get you familiar, here’s a few images of how Now cards and Runtastic might appear to you in the near future:


Our Conclusion: If you’re using Runtastic, then tracking your activity is important to you. Now cards will help you get that important information before you’ve even asked. If you’re using Now cards, keep us in the loop. Let us know how it’s going and if you might have suggestions for further use cases in the future!




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