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New Feature for Balance out Now: The Barcode Scanner

Start living a healthy lifestyle with Runtastic Balance. You might have already tried the newest app in the Runtastic portfolio. And maybe you thought: “Logging all the food individually is a bit tedious.” That’s why we are proud to introduce the Barcode Scanner feature to the Balance app. After the release of our Balance app, we learned just how much you’d value a Barcode Scanner feature. Tracking your food never was easier!

How it works

You can now scan in your food via the barcode scanner for quick and easy food tracking. Click on the new barcode scanner icon on the right side of “Search food” and scan the barcode. You don’t have to click anything, just be sure the barcode is within the directed screen frame! From there you can adjust the serving size and add it to your day.

According to your feedback, this was the feature that was at the top of your list, so it was important for us to deliver this to you as soon as possible! With that being said, it might be the case that there are some minor hiccups at the moment, but we are continuing to work hard to optimize your experience.

Did you know…

That you can track all of our Runtasty recipes very easily as well? Just search for the name of the recipe and everything is already added to your list. If you want to lose weight, we also have the best recipes for 1,500 calories a day.

How do you like the app? Let us know what you think, we appreciate your feedback.


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