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Food Tracking Made Easy: The Runtastic Balance App Is Here!

Is your goal to lose weight? Would you like to build muscle? Or would you just like to eat a more conscious and balanced diet? Track your meals, get an overview of your calorie intake and macronutrient ratio and thus reach your personal ideal weight. The new food tracking app Runtastic Balance helps you achieve your goal.

The perfect combination

Abs are made in the kitchen. This is why Runtastic launched a new, easy-to-use food tracking app that perfectly complements our portfolio of running and fitness apps. Because it’s the combination of a balanced diet and exercise that helps you achieve the body of your dreams.

Balance app’s top features:

1. Tell us your goal

  • First things first: tell us whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or simply eat healthy
  • Based on your goal, the app calculates your ideal daily calorie intake and macronutrient ratio (indicating how many carbs, fat and protein you should eat)

2. Track your meals

  • Find up to 600,000 foods and ingredients in our database
  • Local and international foods and brands
  • Track your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • Choose from different serving sizes and measurements
  • Track Runtasty recipes with just one click

3. Develop healthy habits

  • See at a glance whether you eat too much or too little (daily calorie recommendation)
  • Nutritional information shows you what’s in your food
  • Learn more about what you eat to develop a reliable gut feeling and make healthy decisions in the long term

4. Exclusive features for Premium Members

  • Choose from 5 nutrition plans based on your personal goal:  Weight Loss, Energy Boost, Cardio Kickstart, Warrior and Healthy Balance
  • Get tips for your personal shopping list, including dos and don’ts
  • Detailed information about macro- and micronutrients
  • No ads

Reach your goal with Balance

Why is food tracking so effective? A food diary comes with many benefits to help you reach your ideal weight. Here are just a few things you’ll learn from tracking your meals:

1. Am I getting enough protein?
2. Is there too much fat in my diet?
3. Am I eating less than I think? (But probably the wrong things?)
4. Does snacking add many calories to my daily balance?

Keeping a food diary is fascinating as it allows you to learn a lot about yourself and your eating habits. Do you finally want to shed a few pounds, build lean muscle or feel energized in the morning? Download Runtastic Balance and get started today!


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  • Giampi

    Seriously? No integration with Runtastic Me to take in consideration daily activities???

    • Runtastic Team

      Hi there! Please be patient with us. We are working hard on this feature 😉

      Your Runtastic Team

  • Fabian Rocha

    hi , i just wondering if the service for Runtastic Balance is down? I downloaded and was working well during the weekend, but now when i serach something to add to my daily meals , there are no results in the serach at all. Whats goin on ??

    • Runtastic Team

      Hi Fabian, do you still have problems using Runtastic Balance?

  • Πάνος Νικολόπουλος

    Hello, It seems a very usefull and easy to use app, will it be also a Windows Phone version?Thanks

    • Runtastic Team

      Hi there, we are sorry to tell you that Balance won’t be available for Windows Phone.

      Your Runtastic Team

  • Daniel Sas

    Have you guys considered putting in an option where you can add your meals? in a sense of adding ingredients once,and then if you have that 3-4 times a week,you can just add your kinda “favourite” meals. I love the app,but that’s a thing i’m missing i feel. having very different foods,and love to test out new meals,but there’s also favourites. copy paste a full ingredients meal (not having to find them individually over and over again),done. 😉 good job tho,and thank you,definitely made me start food tracking properly. (did it for 2 months,but literally just writing them down on a “paper”,no measuring purposes.

    • Runtastic Team

      Dear Daniel, thanks for your honest! This feature is not available at the moment but stay tuned for updates 😉

      Your Runtastic Team

      • Daniel Sas

        or better…. why not add a “blank” text,which you could customize in the sense of…let’s say i’ve eaten 100g of something which contained this and this % of the 3 main elements (carbs,protein,fat)? The implemented data of foods is amazingly huge,but there will always be things missing. 😉

  • Please keep the search simple and separated from custom user-entered food, or at least have some kind of quality measure active. I really like the simplicity right now as there aren’t really any random or wrong submissions. It can sometimes almost be impossible to find the right “generic” foods on services like Lifesum. Maybe you can keep generic / verified food items at the top of the list, or have an option to save a filter to turn off custom food? Would be great. But great app already! Well done.

    On a side note it would also be great with cross integration between the apps as I can see some others have suggested as well. 🙂