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4 Tips on How to Track Your Meals and Reach Your Ideal Weight

Did you know that you can reach your ideal weight with food tracking? Breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks – jot down everything you eat. The following four tips are designed to help you stick with it, avoid mistakes and finally reach your target weight with a food diary.

A man is tracking is food with Runtastic Balance

1. Find a user-friendly app

This is the most important factor: find a food tracking app that is easy to use. If logging your meals on your phone gets too complicated, you will soon lose interest.

Our tip: Download the free Runtastic Balance app. With it you can track your meals in seconds. Plus, it gives you an overview of your calorie intake and macronutrient ratio.

2. Use measuring devices

The Runtastic Balance app includes a wide range of food measurements like grams, milliliters, tablespoons, etc. If you prepare your meals at home, you should get used to using measuring devices (scales, measuring cups). This will make it easier for you to estimate amounts later without having to always reach for the scales.

3. Learn to estimate serving sizes

You should also learn to be able to estimate normal serving sizes just by looking at them. Often, all it takes is weighing the food a couple of times to get a feel for the right amount. Your hand is also a useful tool for estimating serving sizes.

4. Track EVERYTHING you eat

One of the most common mistakes people make when tracking their meals is that they forget the small snacks in between. These can, of course, have a negative impact on your weight loss. You should get in the habit of entering absolutely everything you eat in the app. Every walnut, every piece of chocolate, every spoonful of oil in your salad and every glass of juice. Liquid calories also count and can add up quick 😉

Have you tried the new Runtastic Balance app? Tell us what you think about it in the comments below!


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  • Mike Mike

    Nice app! But you should add something like “custom meal” feature. It is simple a list of food, that user found in your database, and add to it. It is can be useful when user have same complex meals every day or every week. Then user can create meal only one time and use it, without adding same food every time. Thank you, and sorry for bad english.

    • Christine Drozdowski

      MyFitnessPal does this. You can also create your own recipes with all the nutritional data stored for you. Copy meals from day to day etc

      • Runtastic Team

        Dear Christine, we are working hard on new features. Stay tuned 😉

        Your Runtastic Team

  • ʇɹoɟ ɐʞɹıɾ

    No thanks, for food i dont need apps

  • Just a curious guy

    It’s great to track, but as a South African, it’s difficult to track food using American standards, resturants etc.

  • ImaMe

    My only problem with logging my food is most of my food doesn’t come from a package. So I have to figure out all nutritional info on the food I eat. Some food is easier than others, depending on the ingredients. The other issue is most meat that I buy doesn’t have the nutritional info, so I look online and find conflicting info :/

  • TMP

    Way to phone it in. Let me also add the tips don’t eat bad food and exercise more.

  • Ray Stride

    Am I missing something, if I have the same meal every morning ( breakfast) is there a way to copy and paste?

    • Runtastic Team

      Hey there, that is not possible unfortunately. But we’ll forward your feedback to our product managers, stay tuned 😉

      Your Runtastic Team

  • Hogne Vindenes

    Less sugar more fat. Or better: No sugar. And ofte course daily training.