Office Opening Party: Our New Workplace is Finally Complete

Runtastic Headquarter

Growing like crazy within a short period of time brings countless challenges. One of the hurdles we faced was our headquarters bursting at the seams. Although we have very close relationships with our teammates at Runtastic and (most of us) are always up for a hug, we do prefer sitting next to each other rather than on top of each other (at least during work).

Junge Menschen sitzen im Buero und arbeiten

All jokes aside, we want to provide our employees with a comfortable yet motivating working environment. Last year, we started working agile using the Scrum method – this change in our software development cycle also required our employees to move so that they sit together with their full stack teams (or squads, as we call them).

What changed?

We expanded our office to two floors, not only providing space for more workplaces, but also for desperately needed additional meeting rooms. We work in open-plan offices, which might seem disturbing to some people – however, our partition walls enable uninterrupted working while other squads have their daily stand up or sprint plannings. In our agile areas, our squads also have monitors, whiteboards and pinboards to visualize the current status of the sprint or keep an eye on performance reports for our products.

Mehr als nur ein Team

We Runtastics are all very passionate about our work and strive for the best – however, we all know that sometimes you just need to clear your mind in order to be able to continue working focused and effectively. This is why we connected our two levels not only through stairs, but we also got a slide! Feeling like a kid again for a few seconds might put your worries into perspective.

Junge Frau sitzt auf einer Rutsche und lacht

Another perk of our new office is the numerous possibilities of how and where to work: standing desks, colorful sound-proof couches, tables and chairs of various heights and last but not least our beloved Working Café where we come together not only for meetings but also for having lunch or coffee with our colleagues.

Zwei Frauen unterhalten sich

We’ve already told you about how we keep ourselves fit and in our new office, it’s even more convenient for us to integrate fitness into our daily lives: we even got showers in the office! And for those of us who bike to work, we also have indoor bike racks.

One highlight of our new office we are especially proud of is our roof terrace – can you imagine anything better than taking a break from your daily tasks in the fresh air, enjoying an amazing view of the Alps? Neither can we 😉 We fell in love with our new place to work (out) right away and we are already looking forward to having after work drinks on our roof terrace in the summer.

Runtastic Dachterasse

Sounds all fancy and hip, right? Well, it was not easy to get here. Our employees had to be very flexible, there were construction noise and numerous little challenges we couldn’t have planned for if we tried. However, now that we have overcome those hurdles, we got rewarded not only with an amazing office but an awesome Office Opening Party, as well!

Runtastic Headquarter

We were very proud to present our new office to the public and felt very honored that also our Chancellor Christian Kern, our foreign minister Sebastian Kurz and adidas CMO Eric Liedtke came to visit us. We offered guided tours of our headquarters to provide insights into our strategic fields in an interactive way. To celebrate our new office appropriately, we spoiled ourselves with food, nice drinks and great music.

Sounds like a fantastic party and amazing office, right? If you want to experience our awesome working environment yourself, check out our job openings and join our team!


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