Bravehearts Charity Run – German star Oli P. shares his experiences in a runtastic interview!

The Braveheart Battle Run in Münnerstadt, Germany is one of the toughest races in the world. On March 9, 2013 the Bravehearts will push themselves to their physical limit and have only one goal: to make seriously ill children happy. Twenty-four km cross country, with 45 obstacles. Among the participating celebrities is Oli P., a famous German singer (Butterflies in the Stomach, After You, etc.), actor (GZSZ, Motown, etc.) and host (The Dome, Big Brother, etc.).

Oli has been training diligently with the runtastic app for his upcoming physical challenge. In addition to Oli P., other celebrities will also step up to the challenge for a good cause.  For example, singer Thomas D., racer Timo Schneider, extreme athlete Norman Books, and actor/singer Wilson Gonzales Ochsenknecht will be participating in this great charity event!


Oli P. prepares himself with runtastic for the battle


Oli P. shares about his experiences with runtastic and the Braveheart Charity in a runtastic interview:

Why do you support the Bravehearts Charity?

Oli P.: Because there is finally a charity campaign in which you can really do something active, get engaged, and not just give your name to the cause. We have to train hard and now coming into the winter season is surely a challenge.

Training for the Braveheart Battle Run has already begun. Are you using the runtastic Apps and runtastic GPS Watch for your training? What do you particularly like about these tools, and what features are your absolute favorites?

Oli P.: I love all the running functions, and of course strength training with the runtastic fitness app collection. As a beginning runner, I am able to use the running data to improve and learn a lot! But, squats and push-ups are also very useful, because the Battle Run is not a pure running event!

Were the runtastic products already familiar to you in the past, or were you introduced to our apps, hardware, and services through the Bravehearts Charity?

Oli P.: I stumbled upon runtastic through the Bravehearts Charity. The organizer of the Bravehearts Council Charity Project, Jörg Oberle, told me about the runtastic Apps and his cooperation with runtastic. Since I planned to run but had no plan, runtastic was exactly what I needed to prepare in a professional and strategic manner! Chest strap heart monitor with the watch, or just the heart monitor and the app … just perfect combinations. It is important to then share the results of our training, so that we can collect our donations! Thanks runtastic!

What time do you aspire to for the upcoming event and how are you going to train to reach your goal?

Oli P.: I won’t be focused on my time at the start of this race. I might, rather, set a goal for my first half marathon. When it comes to the Battle Run, my goal is simply to finish…

What other sports do you participate in in addition to endurance training for the Braveheart Battle Run? And, what additional fitness benefits do you think you garner from a variety of activities?

Oli P.: Of course, I engage in strength exercises, such as squats and push-ups. Furthermore, I enjoy: Thai boxing, machines, Highland Games exercises, ice skating, soccer, wrestling, and so on 🙂



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