Your Orbit Just Got Smarter With Notifications On Your Wrist

Your Runtastic Orbit just got even smarter

The latest update not only increased synchronization speed between your phone and the Orbit, but also noticeably increased battery life and offered a revamped, more accurate step tracking algorithm.

We are making your Runtastic Orbit even smarter, as we will now also push notifications from your phone onto the screen right on your wrist. This reduces the number of times you have to look at your phone and even allows you to decide during a run, if the interruption is important enough to take a break.

Why only Android?

You may be wondering why this is only available on Android at the moment. While both iOS and Android are capable of such a cool feature, Android is a bit more liberal, giving us a bit more momentum when implementing this new functionality. This is not to say, that iOS is not capable of doing the same, but it simply takes a bit more finesse to really get it just right. Thus, we decided to go ahead and offer it on Android right away instead of keeping those of you on that mobile platform waiting.


We got you covered – with notifications

Notifications are great, as long as you are able to get those that matter the most to you. We have made sure to enable on-screen Orbit notifications on your wrist from all the major communication methods. This includes everything from phone calls, text messages, and emails to popular channels like Facebook, Google+, Line, Whatsapp and many more.

You will get to pick and choose which notifications you want to push to your Orbit, so that you can keep your phone in your pocket and focus on what is important – the real life, without missing any of the messages which are interesting to you.


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